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How To Include Images In Posts

Started by finescalerr, January 15, 2007, 09:37:42 AM

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This forum allows you to upload images and include them in your posts.  When you get to the post message screen simply click on the "Additional Options" link and a new menu will appear below. Use the Browse button to locate the image on your computer's hard drive and then click the Preview button.  Once you are satisfied hit the Post button.

The big problem is how to resize your photo to fit our antiquated software. Each post can contain only 230kb of photos, basically one image per post. How to do that? Here is a great idea from Barney on March 18, 2021 that may make everything below superfluous:

"USE WEBRESIZER http://webresizer.com - It could not be simpler - its free - its easy and that's coming from a "Old Grissor" who still cannot set the alarm clock OR spell.

"As long as you remember to download your photo to your PC - because WEBRESIZER does not keep them longer than 24 hours - Believe me its simple. Please don't screw up the best Forum with disappearing photos !!!!!!!!!!"

Note missing photos from Marc Reusser's post below. He linked his images instead of uploading individual jpegs.


There are two ways to post photos/images here:


If you want to directly post/link/insert an image that is on the web (on a website, or a photo storage website like 'Fotki')

1. Click on "Post Reply" like you do to post a mesage.

2. Start typing your message, then when you come to the location in the message where you wish to insert the image, click on the button in the toolbar above that has the small "photo" icon:

3. This will insert the following text into the message at the chosen location:

4.Then past/copy the URL of the photo in between the two bracketed texts.

5. Then  continue with your message, or if you want to insert another image by repeating the insert process above, or click "Post" to post your message.

This method allows you to insert/link as many images as you wish in your post.


This method is used to post/attach images that you have stored on your computer hard drive. It will place the image as clickable thumbnail at the bottom of your post.

This method limits the amount of images to a maximum of 4 per post....it also limits the image size (single or all combened) to 128kb.......if the images are larger you will need to greate a seperate post for each image.

1. Once you have typed your message, click on "Additional Options" at the bottom left.

2. This will bring up a box that allows you to browse your hard drive to select for the image you want to post. In order to look for the image, click on the "Browse" button.

3. This will open a window/box that you can use to browse your hard drive for the image.....once you have found the image, "select it" (step #1 in the image below"), and then click on "open" (step #2 in the image below).

4.This will then show the location/name of your image in the "Attachment" box:

5. Then...as long as you have not met the max allowed 'kb' size, you can insert another image on the post by clicking on the "more attachments" text....

......and repeating steps 1-4 above.  (remeber make sure your total/combined images do not exceed the 128kb limit, or NONE of the images will post, and you will get an error message when you hit "post")

When finished with with your message and attachments, just hit post.

[NOTE:  If you are new to method #2, or you are not sure if your images will exceed 128kb, ....and you have taken a lot of time/effort to type a message, you may wish to type or save the text in anothe program, because if you exceed the 'kb' limit and hit post.....the error message will not allow any part of the post to show...and you basically will need to start over.....so if you have the text saved elswhere it will be easy to just paste it in again. ]

Hope this is understandable and helps.

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Mr Potato Head

Dear Master Blaster
Can you please help me? I can't seam to get my pictures down to size, some I have taken and others I have pulled from the web. I assume that if I change the pixel setting that will fix my pictures, and retake them, is that correct?  But how do I fix the reference photos from the web that I want to include? Oh please wise one show me the way, I feel so inadequate, so please be gentle, thanks Marc
Mr. Inadequate
Gil Flores
In exile in Boise Idaho


Dude.... :-\ sigh....

What a pandoras box of a subject......

The spatial resolution of computer monitors is generally 72 to 100 lines per inch, corresponding to pixel resolutions of 72 to 100 ppi.....so your pixel count in any images you post on the web are best a 72ppi....because anything over that does not help the image quality on the screen...but merely makes the file size larger. (higher  resolution does help when wanting to get high quality prints...for that though 300-600 dpi is needed.....but many of tadays printers can parse/extrapolate 72ppi images into passable prints for general use onto printer paper).

So....all web images at 72dpi. will help with file size. Your file format (for file size vs. quality) for digital photos on the web is best if it is a JPG/JPEG (yes GIFF and BMP also work but they are better suited for 2D graphics..and tend not to have a good file-size/quality ratio for what you are wanting to do)

Next comes the PIA, everone has an opinion discussion.....there are lots of "FREE" phot programs on the web......but I believe in the adage "you get what you pay for".   I use Photoshop, to resize and reformat all my images. I also use all PCs (so for Mac you can KMA 'cause I don't know what they hell comes pre-loaded) ...but because photoshop is not cheap (though there is a cheaper 'light" version).....some other options are:

Your camera should have come with a "photo" program...so you might be able to use that...or Windows XP/Microsoft Office  (at least the Pro/Business version, comes with a program called "Picture Manager"....in this type of program, you can crop and resize (height & width) your image to a smaller/desired size (which will decrease your file size)..if posting on a forum images over 800pix in width are excessive...as images that large can take longer to download for people with no high-speed connections, and may require the viewer to scroll sideways to see the whole image (which is bad nettiquette..and just a general PIA)....some of the programs also have a function of prep or size "for web"....I don't care for or use these, as the preset parameters are rarely what I want (and if I do want to do it, Photoshop does it better)....bot it is easy to pic an image...open it, and then use the function to size an image for web viewing...it will do the 72ppi, reduce the size to what you choose, and then you can simply do a "save as"...write the name and choose JPG as the format to save it in.

If you still have problems attaching files here due to file size, you can always use a hosting site like FLCKR or FOTKI.....and then just link the images into your post.


I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Mr Potato Head

Thanks Mr. MB, I will try your suggestions
Gil Flores
In exile in Boise Idaho


Hi All,

just a quick additional note for mac users. The latest editions of Preview that come with your mac allow you to resize photo's. Open the photo in preview, select 'tools' then 'adjust size...' from the drop down menu. You get a box with vertical and horizontal size, resolution and file size. Just reduce one or more of the dimensions until your fie size in under 200kb and you can post your photo here.

I use photoshop all the time but find this a much quicker (and free!) way to reduce file size for posting photo's.




Did I forget how to do it, or did the forum change?
Back in february when I posted this thread
my pics came up as thumbnails or even full size pics in the post
now all I get when posting is an line of text at the bottom of the post that has to be clicked on before it can be viewed
I am using the "Additional options" button as all my pics are on my PC
Don in sunny Devon, England

Seattle Dave

Now that Photobucket has "kicked the bucket" with respect to shared photos, it seems to me that this thread - last posted to SEVEN(!) years ago - might need some attention.  I've now read down through all the messages, and I'm still confused.  It seems to me that the best way is to limit yourself to posting just a couple of photos via method #! in each message, and then posting another message with a couple of more, etc.  I must admit to being quite unclear as to the photo sizes and so forth.

Personally, I never trusted that Photobucket would be free forever, on the principal that "there ain't no free lunch", so I have paid for Fotki for as long as I can remember.  Now if only I was building something that was worth linking to!

Hope springs eternal......
Dave VanderWal


Posting on this forum is a pain. Ask me how I know. Still, it's the only way to guarantee your photos will remain here and that your thread will have any meaning down the road.

The size limit per photo is 230 kilobytes. That means you need to figure out a way to knock down the size of virtually any image you have. I think the suggestions above cover that but I'll warn you that, in my case, it's almost always a trial and error process. I've spent up to fifteen or twenty minutes trying to get a single image down to the right size!

And, yes, I usually have to limit my images per post to two. So, if I want to post eight photos, I need to post four times.

I know a lot of you guys lose patience with these restrictions and I'm right there with you. But we're stuck with this software.



I have tried various methods of resizing photos for the forum and had lots of help from many members of the forum - I found this site very good -quick and easy  http://webresizer.com and its free I set the size at around 750 and the quality at 90 when resized I then Download the photo until I require the downloaded version - webresizer.com only keep them for 24hours so its always best to store them in your download folder
with very limited jpegs and no right or left clicks !!!!

Bill Gill

I have a Mac. When I click on a photo thumbnail it opens in a program called Preview (not the same as the Preview when posting on this forum). The Preview menu bar at the top of the screen has Tools as an option which lets you resize, change the resolution, do simple color adjusting and even chance the file type. I give the edited photo a new, simple name and save it to my desktop a jpeg, if it isn't already a jpeg file, then post it on the forum.

Ray Dunakin

Could someone please post updated instructions for posting photos using the new forum software? I know how to link to images from my website but I can't figure out how to upload images directly to the forum.
Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Ray, the key is to hit "REPLY" above and to the right on your screen. It is the first button, followed by "add poll", "mark unread","print", and "no alerts or emails". Directly below the area where you type your reply, and on the left side, is a button for "ATTACHMENTS AND OTHER OPTIONS". When you click on that, you'll see

Drag and drop your files here, or use the button to add files.

Do that and you're good to go. If you're still baffled, phone me or send me an email.


Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World