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The Big Adventure.

Started by 1-32, June 20, 2019, 02:14:49 AM

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Hi true today I have got rid of the canopy today and the point that you have made is true-but.
it is too high and the right-hand foreground needs attention.
Funny small changes can make or break a small diorama-like this but the upside is that they are really easy to change and put back together.
cheers, Kim.


I have lowered the canopy to my eye the portion has been improved but still keeping the feeling of depth in small space cheers.


Yes, that helps and the height looks more appropriate. -- Russ


Looks better but need dog.   :)

Bill Hudson
Fall down nine times,
get up ten.


Hi all how are you all going?
These are the final pieces of The Big Adventure I could fiddle around forever but I want to move on, this has been a great adventure for me in modeling so.
The next project for me is a rebuild of my traveling display -South Creek. South Creek and I are going on a big adventure of our own early next year and I am dying to try out some new ideas .
cheers, Kim.


Good composition and artistry. Satisfactory. -- Russ

Lawton Maner

I still think a kid in a pirate costume would be better.

Ray Dunakin

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