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KEMNA street roller in scale 1:22.5

Started by fspg2, April 07, 2018, 12:15:28 AM

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Gordon Ferguson

It's does just get better and better ...... that front roller frame is really wonderful

Thank you for the kind words but remember the paint and final finish was down to the great talents of John Tolcher


Is anybody else as impressed as I am? This is just insanely outstanding!

And thank you for the information about Kalle Stümpfl.



Gordon, Russ,  thanks so much for your reception!

Today there are only a little progress to report.

The roof was milled from 0.3mm nickel silver sheet and bent in several passes with a roll bender until the radius matched the angle of the both profiles milled from 1.5mm brass (MS58) sheet.
Again it was used a victim sheet (similar to here ever shown) to get no kinks at both ends.
The wall thickness of these milled profiles is 0.25mm.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_111 (fspg2)

Subsequently, the two sides were bent at previously milled 0.15 mm deep grooves. Both ends were around 10.0mm longer. Later I cutted them with my sheet metal cutting machine (by placing of 1.4mm distance plates) to the final dimension. Just as here shown.

To bend a purchased 1.5mm x 1.5mm brass profile and drill four 0.6mm holes into it would have been too costly for me. Of course the M0.6 x 4.0mm screws will be shortened so that it does not overhang under the roof.


Gasp ! gone a bit dizzy ! you are a true master with your works of art
Gordon do not dispare you are doing all-right hang in there !

Greg Hile

Oh, yes, quite impressed! And the router -- I want one of those!

Allan G

Wow!!!!!! Just incredible!!!!! Allan


And don't forget all the CAD design and engineering necessary before Frithjof could produce those parts. Does anyone else around here feel like a beginner by comparison? -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

I'm greatly impressed!

This type of work is far, far beyond me, but I find it incredibly fascinating to follow along.
Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Thanks to all for the nice comments!

Since I am currently waiting for a few castings for the road roller, the Demag ML15 has priority.

A little bit further I could come with the wheels by now.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_123 (fspg2)

Each brass rod section I had each ordered 10.0mm longer than needed. The parts were clamped on the lathe and processed.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_124 (fspg2)

The wheels will be a bit lighter soon.

The back panel still needs a small handwheel.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_121 (fspg2)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_122 (fspg2)

Drawn the handwheel looks huge, but it has a diameter of only 7.0mm!

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_119 (fspg2)

After several back and forth, finally I got the small handwheel printed in plastic - not in brass.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_125 (fspg2)




Today we continued with the first roller wheel.
After the protruding approach was turned off, it goes ahead on the milling machine.
The material was removed on both sides so that it looks like the green wheel in the drawing at the end.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_129 (fspg2)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_126 (fspg2)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_127 (fspg2)

The weight of the wheel was reduced from 750gr. on 350gr.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_128 (fspg2)




So nice as such a small centric exciting vise is, but I must confess that the processing time per wheel was much too long. I could work only with 0.3 - 0.5mm depth at 750mm feed with a 6.0mm cutter. For larger values, the vise wanted to vibrate. Also, the surface in the X and Y direction was slightly different - the two steel axles are indeed braced against each other, but for larger strengths, another vice is needed.

Long story short:
Since I have had no suitable lathe tool for brass, I had chosen the milling machine yet. With my tungsten carbide insert lathe tool, the surface was just ugly due to the wrong grinding angle for brass. A friend lent me a suitable lathe tool. So I could do all the work on the lathe. It's just more fun with the right tool.

The front roller wheel consists of two elements. The two rollers are mounted with ball bearings on a 3.0mm shaft. They can rotate freely against each other. For example, no differential is needed when cornering.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_130 (fspg2)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_132 (fspg2)

The caps for the roller wheels were machined from 1.0 mm brass. The small round cover discs were soldered into the 0.5 mm deep milled pockets. A bolt and nut brought everything into a model look.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_131 (fspg2)

The printed strap for the front wheel pair received a 2.95 mm bore and has been reamed with a reamer suitable. So an old broken 3.0mm cutter can serve as axis.

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_133 (fspg2)

A few days ago I got a very nice PN from Gerd (a colleagues at Buntbahn forum).
He had discovered an original of a Kemna Gigant roller close to him. He took a few photos and has kindly given me these for use! Thank you again in this way, Gerd !!!

He was able to clarify two more "open" questions:

1) Has the giant roll a differential or not? - YES, this roller has a limited slip differential!

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_141 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_142 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_145 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

2) Is there a suspension? It was not to be seen!

A few more views of the roller manufactured by the company Alfred Hagelstein in Travemuende:

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_136 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_134 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_137 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_138 (fspg2)

photo taken by Gerd (Kohleheizer)

An interesting detail is certainly the ground ripper:

Kemna_Walze-Gigant_8_143 (fspg2)

Aufnahme von Gerd (Kohleheizer)

Meanwhile, I have visited the roller itself.
Armed with a ruler and camera, I was able to discover many missing details.

If you want: click here

Ray Dunakin

What a great find, and in good condition too!
Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


The quality of your progress remains top notch. -- Russ