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Ranger Crackle Paints

Started by Junior, November 19, 2010, 09:51:15 AM

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Quote from: DaKra on January 16, 2011, 11:10:17 AM
I got a bottle of the white stuff, it has the consistency of pudding.  Is that normal or has it dried up a little in the bottle?    Also I don't really get a nice crackle effect unless its brushed on pretty thick.   ??? 

Does anyone know of an additive to make paint shrink and crack as it dries?  I'm thinking we could make our own crackle paints,  more suitable for scale model building.   This stuff seems a little too  "arts n' crafts."

I received one bottle that had dried up a bit - just add water and it will be fine. It seems that there are many different results on these pages and it´s really difficult to tell why. After MANY experiments I now have in my opinion excellent results on wood, paper and styrene. Dave, try and coat with one dilluted layer and then continue gradually with less water until you have the desired effect.

Anders ;D

Chuck Doan

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I will have to experiment with the Rangle paints.
I have found that when using the hair spray chipped paint technique, if you go a little overboard with your initial hairspray application, wait 10 minutes and airbrush your acrylic color.
Then blowdry to speed up the drying of the paint, I get a fine crackle each time.

This is a pice of wood, covered with Gesso, sanded and carved up to be used as a foundation for an over hang. This is how it first looked when dry.  Once you mess it up some more it looks pretty convincing.
Jimmy Simmons
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Also experimenting with some paint/detail effects for the project I have going. This is a bit less than a 12"/30cm wide board in 1/35 scale.

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Again...just beautiful. Nice touch with the twisted piece of metal.

Anders  ;D

Max Corey

I usually model in the era, so most things are not heavily weathered.  The paint is fresh and the corrugated metal is only lightly rusty and dirty.  Some rust of course but crackling paint and putty?

But.... am currently building very old stone and wooden structures in 1/48 so need to figure out this crackling paint stuff.  I am not all that good at heavy weathering.  So I bought Martha Stewart crackle and fine crackle at Michaels but they are clear transparent and, after many tries on varying surfaces, have not gotten it to crackle barely/hardly at all, and it drys semi-glossy and clear.  The examples on line are of women painting it on doll and bird houses, jewelry chests, etc.

Perhaps the trick is to use this Ranger paint so another trip to Michaels in the scrapbooking supplies you say.

I have traditionally used rubber cement, sometimes thinned, dabbed and nearly dry brushed on wood and metal.  Then dry brushed paint over top.  Then a rubber cement pick-up, knife, wire brush, etc. to remove just some of it.  Then staining, although sometimes stain the wood before the rubber cement.  Leaves a peeling rather than crackling.  Many old and/or abandoned farm houses and barns, sheds, etc. around here for reference.

Max muddling madly in Michigan

The results of Chuck Doan are amazing and I wanna do it too. 
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I´m not familiar with the Martha Stewart paints only the cook books  ;D! I think another trip to Michael´s would do it. The Ranger paints require a little practicing but gives good results in my opinion.


Mr Potato Head

thinning and one stroke work best in my opinion, two many strokes clumps up
Just try it! You'll like it :- )_)MPH
Gil Flores
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I don't know if this has been discussed here but some non scale modellers use Elmer glue to make crackle paint, here's one example:



I'm sure this isn't news to anyone but in looking recently for the Ranger Crackle paints to experiment with it looks like they may be discontinued. If this is the case are there some alternatives that are giving the same fine detail?




Darryl Huffman
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If you can't find a color that you are after, you can buy a color like linen, and then use a small amount of acrylic ink to tint it. Do not use too much ink, or you will change the chemical qualities of the crackle paint.

(Fence pickets are laser cut pieces from LSG Laser Kits...so grain texture on unpainted boards is harder to show/create, for some effects...and nail holes are part of the kit)
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In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Ray Dunakin

Nice to see you posting something again!
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Lets not get our hopes up quite yet.  ;)
I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....