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A Turtle for Turtle

Started by Bill Gill, February 19, 2015, 12:28:13 PM

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Bill Gill

I'm a little slow posting this, but considering the subject, that's appropriate. (Don't send me to the corner, Russ, I'll never get there in time).
Here is a photo I took several years ago of a reproduction of the Turtle for Roger AKA "Turtle".

It fun for a number of reasons: It's a small gesture to Roger for posting his incredible models, it's a nicely built reproduction, it was built by high school students, it was actually tested and submerged (very briefly) in some body of water.
If you compare this photo to the two images below you will notice there are some similarities, but many differences. Such were the details as recorded at the time. That may help at times when old photos and drawings don't quite show the exact detail we're looking for.

U.S. Navy photo
Wikipedia entry


Bill - sorry about the delay responding  :-[ .
Anywho, cheers for posting this. Certainly pricked at my "hmmm maybe possible" thought process - the only downside to sub-surface models is that I've witnessed a few 'non-surfacing' models  :'( so tend to avoid that area of the hobby.
Also after a bit of research I wasn't too comfortable with all the conflicting information.
Having said that, a few years ago there was a stunningly good RC model in the 'Model Boats' magazine - reminds me - must see if I can find it again  :) .
Thanks again for the thought Bill.


You only delayed your reply by about four months. For this forum that is almost instantaneous. -- Russ

michael mott

Russ your comment made me laugh out loud to myself.

A neat looking "replica"