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The SketchUp Plymouth DL

Started by finescalerr, May 14, 2015, 12:29:11 AM

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Bill Gill

Russ, Marty & Marc, Great collaboration! I've been following this project silently, not knowing enough about any of it to comment coherently, but your combined results speak for themselves!


Darryl Huffman
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So who is gonna be the first to hit the "PRINT" button?
So we can see if this is going to be feasible?

I tried working on the radiator; to make it useful in 1/16" (solid) and be printable but gave up.
I think the outside should be printed but the "core" made differently.



Marty (and everyone else), I was thinking about keeping the core "solid" (thin walls each side), painting that area black, and applying screen over the painted area. Maybe it would look better with a few layers of screen instead of a "solid" center but I can't remember whether such a radiator would have a "see-through" quality.

A much more difficult problem would be the radiator guard. Even with a bar stock thickness of 1/2-inch it probably would be much too thin to print in metal. Perhaps it could be laser cut ... but what material?



I dont know how to print or draw the file so shapeways would print the "inside" of the radiator hollow.

I also think the radiator is not quite "right" (the tanks) but I need to look into this further....

I "was" planning on doing the guard out of brass strip, but even at 1/16th that is still pretty thin. Unfortunately it is thick in the wrong dimension.

I will be interested to see what suggestions we get for the 1/32 version.
FWIW the guard is .040" x .012" in 1/32 according to measurements from Unc's 1:1 drawing.


Lawton Maner


     The Staples here in Williamsburg, Va has an entry level 3D printer set up as a demo.  With a couple of larger solid pieces they crank out, the interior is printed as a hollow honeycomb.  Quick way to get strength and volume without breaking the bank on consumables.  Occasionally, one can see a stray thread crossing the interior of the honeycomb, so it isn't necessary to get it 100% on the inside.


Thats the way the one at work prints using abs melted to form the shapes.
The resolution is not high enough for our needs even in 1/16.

I did a foundation in 1/32 for Jerry that looked good
but being "rough" made it look like formed concrete.


Franck Tavernier

I think in 1:32, you will not succeed to have thicknesses to scale for the guard. Furthermore, the resin may be too fragile and brittle!

A Plymouth DL type

The guard

Interior cab will be probably like this



Sorry I haven't gotten back to here for a while life and work have been very crazy.

Russ, if you want me to sent you that parts file so you can print it as a test I can do so. If you want when I get a moment I can scale it down and put it on a sprue...or you can. Let me know.
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