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Started by Ray Dunakin, March 16, 2013, 10:37:16 PM

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Ray Dunakin

Take a look at this guy's work. He's modeling a tank in 1/35th scale, but it's more like building a tank, than modeling one. Over a thousand miniature brass bolts just in the road wheels:


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Outstanding craftsmanship. I've seen similar attention to detail in paper but so far not in scratchbuilt plastic and brass. -- Russ


Excellent workmanship going on there, but why does he have paint it, it's hiding ALL that extra detail.  :o

regards  greenie


Though quite wonderful...I find Gordon Birrell's work of superior and cleaner craftsmanship.

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Lee is a flat out wild man (yet another mad Geordie), and has done some very intensive micro detailing - though I haven't spoken with him in some years, he first came into the modeling scene with a 1:35th tiger tank with full brass interior.  And I mean full brass interior... to include all the shells, bits etc. - one of the most impressive bits of super detailing of the early 2000's (the Oughts?).  It came out on Missing Lynx Constructive criticism to the amazement of folks observing, and with a turn of events that only the internet age could bring about, ended up with him receiving a batch of bizarre hate mail for his efforts  ::) He was a RAF fitter at the time, and did the work while sitting on the floor of his living room, working in his lap, with a jewelers loupe, IIRC.  Got to meet him at Euromilitaire, and he was a fun guy to tilt a few pints with, if you have studied up on your Newcastle dialect. beforehand  ;D

I don't know if he has ever invested in real, purpose built tools to this day.

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