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hogged out skiff

Started by chester, December 09, 2012, 11:30:02 AM

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Inspired to do something with a few cast metal boats I've had forever by Marc's 'watery grave' scene that he's working on. I decided to simply glue wood directly onto the cast piece (without paying too much attention to prototypical layout of the boards). After gluing and sanding, I did an A&I wash and while it was still wet sprinkled some very fine sawdust from the collection bag of a sander. Let dry and sprayed with an acrylic white. Again let dry and then brushed away the sawdust. Here in Maine the fishermen refer to an old boat laying upside down rotting away as 'hogged out'.


Very nice coloring and overall effect. I would never have guessed that this had statred out as cast metal piece.  I like the simplicity of the scene as well.
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Most adequate in every respect. -- Russ


Terrific work Chester.

Any particular reason for using the sawdust instead of the salt to get the chipped/faded paint technique?
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Thanks all, The chipping that I get with salt, even when I grind it up a bit, seems too large. I have tried this with baking soda and got similar results but the saw dust is even finer and free. This is the other side of the hull with a slightly different look. I should work on this with some chalks to give it a waterline mark.

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Very nice Chester! The ground work is great too. I´ll guess this is in your usual 1/87 scale ??? ?



I keep looking for the wheels. ;D ;D
Very nice and we should see more boat models from you.
Dave Mason
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V. nice microscopic work Chester. It looks just like the stuff you see on the side of the road in Maine.
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Reallly mind-boggling. :o It seems easy after refered, but it implies deep techniques knowledge.
Congratulations on it!!
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A departure from wheels.  Beautifully done.

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