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Kingfisher a gaff rig pilot cutter

Started by michael mott, February 27, 2012, 10:40:22 PM

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You will just let it go?
No rudder by R/C at the least?

I have an International One Meter that I love to sail.
A very technical vessel if one were to get involved in racing. (not me!)


michael mott

Marty Yep just set the sails for the wind I too love sailing my big boat it is a 20foot yawl see here

I started with a derelict fibreglass hull

I will choose the times to sail her very carefully the joy for me is in the building more that sailing the model I can get all the fun sailing that I want getting out in a good 20 knot blow on my full size boat.

I am still struggling with what sailing boat to build next, I really like the cat boats of the early 1900's also the Gloucester fishing smacks, I do have the plans for an 8 foot model of Shamrock IV which is very tempting.



So cool to see this progress. Most impressive.
I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


michael mott

I have brought the boat into the house and set up in the spare bedroom/office so that I don't have to keep so much wood burning in the workshop during the winter. It is a good thing that our ceilings are 10 feet.

It has taken a while to reassemble the mast and I am now working on the cabin which has been changed a little to accommodate a skylight. similar to this one http://www.pilotcutter.ca/gallery_files/stacks_image_122.jpg http://www.pilotcutter.ca/gallery_files/stacks_image_360.jpg

I did a quick pencil sketch of the one for the model.



Bill Gill

That's better than museum models because it can actually sail in addition to looking great. Have fun working on it inside the house.


I would not want to pay for the acrylic box for it!

Allan G

I just discovered this project. Wonderful, wonderful work. Allan


Adequate. Why haven't you finished it yet? -- Russ

michael mott

QuoteWhy haven't you finished it yet?

Because it was raining!

Thanks everyone else for your kind and understanding comments.


Allan G

Michael; this boat/ship is beautiful. I envy your craftsmanship and your tools. In my prior furniture making life I had a Powermatic 5HP 10" table saw and loved it.....Allan


Michael, tsk tsk. Excuses excuses. EXTRA! EXTRA! UMBRELLA INVENTED!! -- Russ

michael mott

Bill, Marty, Allan, Gordon, Thank you for your kind remarks, Russ I'm ignoring you because as Liza said there's a hole in it dear Liza

I have started the skylight, it is Mahogany the drip channels are cut into the lower half of the top beam.


michael mott

A little more work on the skylight.


Ray Dunakin

Beautiful work! The "gutters" under the hinged side of the windows is interesting. It's something I never realized was there but now that I see it, the need is obvious.

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

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