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(finally) getting inspired!

Started by lab-dad, December 04, 2011, 04:55:19 PM

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Frederic Testard

I'd say about Dave that it is good to have a 250 IQ person willing to make some modelling parts.
Frederic Testard


Thanks guys!
I need to start playing with paint soon too so I can experiment.........

The parts from Dave were a great service!
I talked with him, sent a rough sketch of the curved pieces with dimensions.
he drew them up and sent me a paper "proof".
The letters were done from a photo I sent him and my specified heights.
I received two sheets for $40.00 including shipping.
Material is .0145" thick
No way I could have ever done the curved pieces for that (time vs. aggravation) much less done 4!
I was going to use Plastruct letters but they didnt have the sizes I needed.
I expect to use www.vectorcut.com for a lot more parts.

More soon.


michael mott

Marty thanks for the reply and info, I will look at their website.



Did get around to putting the letters on the top cross member.
Dave supplied a template to get the spacing and orientations correct.
Dont know how I could have done it without the template... ??? ??? ???

FWIW The letters are 9/32" tall.



Ian Hodgkiss
The Steamy Pudding - an English Gentleman's Whimsy in 1:24 scale Gn15 (in progress)
On the Slate and Narrow - in 1:12 scale (coming soon)
Brisbane, Australia

Malachi Constant

Marty --

Couple of questions:
-- What did you do to hold the template in place?
-- What did you use to glue the letters in place?
-- How did you avoid gluing the letters to the template?

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


-painters tape
-be careful


Malachi Constant

Thanks!  Figured it came down to "be careful" but wouldn't hurt to see if there were any special tricks.  ;)

BTW, if the letters are intended to be "cast" in place, you can make a nice fillet around them just by brushing a bit of Vallejo Mat Varnish around the base of each letter.  Do one pass, let it dry, do another.

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


Thanks Michael, thats a good tip!
I should have mentioned there is nothing around the top half (or less) of the letters.
Look at my earlier post showing the tool in dark brown.
That helped keep glue off of the letters/tool.

Bouncing around I worked on the tool holder adjuster side.
Reference photo;

Model, unpainted (obviously)

Gears are by Vectorcut per my specifications.
In this case I layered two on one another for additional thickness.
I would have liked thicker but size was more important than thickness. no jokes please :P

I see I need to add a ring at the base of that handle/crank.




Now that's pretty good stuff young Martin. But I see I need to add a ring at the base of that handle/crank.

Let's try not to let that happen again!!!! ;D

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
George Carlin


Proof i am still working on this.

I just set the prototype picture on the model.
Still need to add the T-slot on the side for the stops.
Also been busy playing with minor details and screw-ups and paint/color finishes...........



That will be some kind of a model :o! What´s your plans when it´s done? Some kind of a small dio or?

Anders  ;D


I am certain he is building it strictly for the article I will publish. -- ssuR


The "plan" for now is to do several machines in this (obscure) scale.
A drill press is next, then a lathe and a bandsaw?
Eventually a small (yea right) dio with the shop and some track.
Finally a twin of the Plymouth I did that actually operates using r/c & batteries.
Should only take me 20 years..............

what article?  ;)