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Fun car to scratchbuild........

Started by macsair, January 30, 2008, 03:39:46 PM

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 This is a simple, inexpensive car to scratchbuild with just a few pieces of wood that can be obtained most anywhere.  The body is made of doorskin, the roof posts are four chop sticks available at most any Chinese/Japanese restaurant, the white metal parts are from Ozark Miniatures, the railings and money cage bars are paper clips cut to size and the trucks are from an old Delton car from years back, and they can be substituted for any nice looking pair of trucks available today........A little weathering of the wood, some paint and you've got a nice little "Paymaster" car for your logging or similar RR...Try it, you'll like it................Mac   Any questions, email me !


 Yep, really simple and great wood (or plastic) for all kinds of things cause they're tapered and square on the ends, doesn't get much better than that, of course ya kinda gotta like Oriental food to accumulate a lot of em.....!!   (Grin)

John McGuyer

These are the neat little cars you need for your new K27. Now how about an order of pan fried dumplings?



  when you use the wooden chopsticks first, you dont have to weather them  ;D ;D ;D
  The plastic ones need a treatment like Marc is showing on his Foothill bash. that's more work.

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