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1/87 Rotary O-M Snowplow

Started by steammodeler, January 09, 2008, 01:30:59 PM

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As a newer member I'm not sure if my current project has any interest to any of the very skilled modelers here but I do enjoy seeing everyones fine work. My project started out as a run of the mill kitbash but the more research I did on the subject the more detail I wanted to build into the model. Using a Roundhouse rotary housing and blade form my old Roundhouse kitbash kit and then finding drawings in a 1977 RMC magazine I went from there. Here's a couple of progress photos, and not exact in every detail I have tried to hold pretty much to the scale dimentions provided. The steam cylinders do operate and the front rotary blades rotate via a modified MDC Shay truck. The motor powering this is inside the boiler. The side walls are removable as will be the roof. Because the O-M rotary is not self powered and is basicly a locomotive on a flatbed inside a boxcar body power trucks are not needed. The tender for the rotary is also under construction and will house the DCC decoder and pickups thus allowing low speed rotary control, headlamp, and interior lighting. Once again these are progress pics so grabs, further boiler details, etc. are not installed yet.

If there is any interest in my current project I can supply additional details and pics if members would like.

Thanks for viewing,





Welcome to the forum.

An ambitious undertaking. Nice combination of parts and scratchbuilding.

Thanks for posting it. Look forward to your progress.

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Welcome to the forum James.
A very nice project and coming along nicely, yes please do keep us posted on the progress.

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John McGuyer

Very nice project. Good metal work, good wood work plus added plastic work. Use what works best for the application. This is real model building. Please keep updating us on the progress.



 :) Thanks for the kind words! As I like to work in brass for my locomotives I tend to try to use brass or as needed styrene for metal, wood for wood, hydrocal for brick, stone, etc. As a life long modeler I have recently been building from many of the older magazine plans and am finding it a very enjoyable type of modeling from the usual kits. I'll have some additional photos on this project soon.