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The former blacksmith shop in Rickarum, Sweden. 1/35 scale,

Started by Junior, May 09, 2011, 02:05:05 AM

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Hey guys,

While waiting for some new scenery materials for the new dump site I have finished a number of detail parts - just a few shown here. Throwing in two pictures that I took about a week ago and used as reference. The guy who will be working on his motorcycle and one or two cars in the former blacksmith shop owns the leather jackets and boots. He likes them in almost new condition but I´m not really sure about the finish on those.

The weeds are just out of the box not painted yet. If anyone can tell me how to reproduce the weeds surrounding the brick pile in the prototype picture that would be fantastic!

All sorts of input welcome not only on the clothes.

Anders  ???

Pic.1 ][/img]








Gordon Ferguson

Well Anders it was worth the wait !

The brick pile is very effective, although not really shown in the photo I would be tempted to darken the bottom few bricks to indicate "dampness" ... appreciate its on a pallet, nice touch that its broken/collapsed.

A thought,  you might like to consider maybe adding some moss on the North side of the pile ..... I use finely ground dark green foam mixed in some dilute PVA, this stiffens up the foam when dry and allows you then to dry bush it with some lighter green. If you do follow this suggestion then you can do the same on other long term bits of rubbish obviously North has got to be consistent.

The pallet, nothing to add I think thats about as good as it gets  - need to read back on the thread to see how you produced the grey wood.

Leather  -  I usually finish on my leather with a coat of Indian Ink, this drys with a slight sheen and then a light dry brush with the appropriate matt colour is used to show the areas of wear.

Now, tell me where you got the bent wood chairs ?


Most satisfactory. I love how the pallet is a precise miniature of the original. -- Russ


Thanks Gordon and Russ,

Some great ideas there Gordon. 

Russ,  "precise" oh well,  it only measures 3 x 4 cm so the staples are oversized. Would have taken a very good microscope to get them right and then how would you get hold of them ???. The ones I managed to make measures 1 m.m. not even my best tweezer would hold them.

Anders  ;D

Malachi Constant

Marginal at best ... especially considering the fact that "junk" is the featured item at your new place.

I suggest you pack it all up and send it off ... oh, maybe to someone who could use it as "incidental junk" (not quite featured) behind an auto repair shop or such ...

Then you can start over and make some "proper" featured-junk.   ;D


(with fingers crossed ... hoping this isn't all too transparent and obvious ...)

PS -- I hope Millie doesn't see that lovely wicker suitcase, or she might starting asking about a picnic basket ... hmm ... guess I'd better ask ... what did you use for painting the wicker?  Came out really nice.  ???  :)
-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
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Franck Tavernier

Wow, really impressive Junior!

I love the pallet and the different accessories, like the chairs, cans, etc..Could you please tell us more about these accessories? Italeri, Plus Model? ;)



QuoteIf anyone can tell me how to reproduce the weeds surrounding the brick pile in the prototype picture that would be fantastic!

  Check Marcel's site http://www.feldbahn-modellbau.ch/    Modelbau / Anlagebau / Pflanzen und ein paar Ziegelsteine.

  I will see Marcel on Saturday and Sunday and ask him for some hints. Also have a look at Fredericus Rex at the paper plants. for thin leaves you can use cigarette paper
  as Marcel is using.

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Frederic Testard