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Dapto Dogs

Started by 1-32, April 16, 2016, 09:18:44 AM

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hi all how is the new year.
i have moved on from the flat pack in 1-35 scale.
i have chosen a name -Dapto Dogs-dapto is a town about 100 k south of sydney and it has a very famous race track used to race and gamble on dogs of course we here in oz call it the' going to the doggies'always liked the name so it has stuck.
my objectives are the same-miniture working display that can be broken down to be shipped world wide no more than 5 kg.80 % scratch.most original design and placement.
i have the latest bits for the engine chassie made by shapeways .one in resin one in brass.these bits cover the little motor.i will use the resin one for a mock up before using the the metal one.again scale 1-35 track scale 9mm this works out to be one foot scale.






That's going to look nice! -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

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Chuck Doan

I like that front piece.
"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt


Franck Tavernier

Hi Kim,

I like too that front piece, nice job!