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Rolling stocks on 'AM&T' in On3 - from Westside Lumber RR.

Started by Yoshi Ueda, August 26, 2023, 06:03:30 PM

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Yoshi Ueda

I would like to introduce a few rolling stocks from Westside Lumber RR prototype.

Wood Block Car built from Simpson kit


Wooden Snowplow built from Simpson kit


Snowplow No.2 built from Durango Press kit. Some parts that were composed of paper were replaced with brass and styrene.



Nice work!


Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Regards, Hauk
"Yet for better or for worse we do love things that bear the marks of grime, soot, and weather, and we love the colors and the sheen that call to mind the past that made them"  -Junichiro Tanizaki

Remembrance Of Trains Past


The Locos and rolling stock just right with just the right amount of weathering excellent in all areas
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