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WW2 slideshow in 1:6

Started by Rucksack, June 01, 2010, 10:35:39 AM

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Hi all,

I hope you have enough time to check this out :o

Many hot spots of WW2 in scale 1:6 slideshow



"The majority of german women is female" Helmut Kohl


those diorama's are really impressive !

Thanks for the link !


I've seen some remarkable work done with these figures.  Unfortunately (last I checked) out of the box, they are anatomically bizarre, with massive barrel chests, a pro wrestler physique with no neck and stiff limbs, nothing like the lean and exhausted field soldiers they are supposed to depict.  The worst are the generals, which use the same superhero bodies for 50+ year old men.   The really good conversion artists tear apart the figures, rebuild them and re-tailor the clothing to better resemble a soldier. 

I saved this photo because I thought it was a well done caricature rebuilt from a Dragon figure.  Unfortunately I don't know the artist's name.  I like the slouchy posture, especially compared to the stiff, barrel-chested no-neck he started with.