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1945 Mack FCSW in 1/87 scale

Started by chester, August 07, 2009, 02:26:20 PM

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I thought you all might be interested in the work of a modeler and very good friend of mine by the name of Joe Enriquez. Joe models only large trucks and only in 1/87 scale. The base model is a really quite excellent resin kit for the scale from the manufacturer Don Mills Models and I personally have built it box stock and attest to it's quality. But it did not meet the standards Joe has set for himself and the photos below will show just how much of the original kit was used and what all Joe has done to improve it. I can assure you that everything done is to scale and prototypically correct. The original resin parts being the darker colored pieces and whatever else being what Joe has fabricated. The wheels, tires and air cleaner have been turned by Joe out of ABS plastic. I should also like to add that the final photos of the finished model are Joe's first attempts at weathering.

I'm sorry if I flooded the forum with too many photos but these details need to be seen to truly appreciate what Joe has done. Many more photos at this location:   http://public.fotki.com/eex-joe/1945-mack-fcsw/


Chuck Doan

Flood away, Chester I can't get too many shots of Joe's stuff. Just amazing. Thanks!
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   agree fully with Chuck,  for such stuff there is always time.

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Ken Hamilton

That's what I love about this place.  You never know what amazing things
are going to pop up.  Joe's work in fantastic, Chester.  Thanks for the pics.

.....Got any more?
Ken Hamilton

Ray Dunakin

Holy moly! That would be nice work in 1/24th scale. In 1/87th it's downright awesome!

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Ray Dunakin's World


Yeah, he made his own tires and stuff but is that the best he can do?

Seriously, that is one extraordinary model. Your pal has exceptional modeling skills!

Has Joe ever been published? If not, the world is really missing out on a topnotch artist.


John McGuyer

Where did they get that giant penny? That truck couldn't be that small with that kind of detail.



This sequence of shots really points out the importance of the paint job.  When I reached  the third picture from the top, I was feeling discourged by how primitive the castings appeared.  By once painted - Wow!

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Quote from: finescalerr on August 08, 2009, 01:05:08 AM

Has Joe ever been published? If not, the world is really missing out on a topnotch artist.


I'm sure Joe would appreciate all the comments from this esteemed group.

Good question Russ. Joe and a few other 1/87 vehicle modelers were featured in a supplement put out by the now defunct Model Railroader a few years ago and I have included him in several of my articles. He is also featured in the Online Craftsman Museum which some of you may be familiar with (and probably should be in as well). This site is sponsored  by the manufacturers of the Sherline milling machine and the work is truly impressive:



That's some pretty incredible modeling, Chester, and all the more so since it's done in HO. Joe ought to put together an article for Russ. His work deserves to be seen by a wider audience than online venues and forums.


Thanks for posting this.

This model has continued to floor me, from the day i first saw it posted online. Always a treat to see again.

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Thanks Chester his work is truly amazing.

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Frederic Testard

Very impressive, Chester, thanks for sharing. Seeing all the parts Joe rebuilt is one of the great features of the topic. This is the kind of modelling that always urges me to return to the benchwork, even if it is to build things completely different.
Frederic Testard