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Vallejo gloss spray

Started by SandiaPaul, March 04, 2023, 02:31:43 PM

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That turned out reasonably well, didn't it? -- Russ

Lawton Maner

Check out the new lower cost air brushes which are cross overs from women's makeup.  They are self contained and charge with a USB cord plugged into a phone charger.  Not super fine spray, but good enough for general use.  Buy SWMBA one for her use and buy yourself one and she'll love how easy it is to apply makeup and not notice that you are using one in the man cave.


This discussion is morphing a little from my original question which is fine by me so I thought I would link to this excellent document. If you haven't seen and downloaded this, it is great source of information:

Bill Gill

Looking back, your original question was how to remove Vallejo gloss spray. I apologize for diverting your thread away from that.

Lawrence's first reply about using iso-propanol has worked for me to remove a variety of acrylic finishes, but I have never used that Vallejo spray so I can only suspect that the alcohol will work on it too. I've used 91% iso-propnol and let the piece soak,sometimes 10-15 minutes was enough. Some paints required overnight, followed by scrubbing with a toothbrush followed by more soaking and scrubbing. Eventually the paint did sluff off with no detectable damage to the styrene.

Covid 19 has raised the price of Iso-propanol pretty much everywhere, but a pint bottle is still cheaper than a large volume of a plastic safe stripper if you aren't going to be using a lot of it.


I did get the paint off with IPA in an ultrasonic, primed it today with Tamiya gray primer. Seems ok, no worries about thread drift, maybe we all learned something.