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"La Strada" - Italian Street Scene

Started by Carlo, July 04, 2016, 02:30:35 PM

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It's a sunny day in a Naples neighborhood and, on via Santo Spirito, a checker game is watched by Nonna, up on the balcony.

My latest 1" scale diorama is finished, except for a few details. I made this scene from scratch, and sculpted all the figures.
A few details (streetlights, chair, pots, etc.) were purchased. It's always hard to look at my own work critically, so I really
would like some constructive criticism and other useful feedback on this diorama. More images to follow...
Thanks, Carlo


Another pic...


And one more.
A few others can be seen at www.carloscalemodels.blogspot.com

Ray Dunakin

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It turned out very well, Carlo. Something you should keep as a family heirloom. More satisfactory than somewhat. -- Russ


Hello Carlo,

how much of your success because is Diorama?

The musical instruments worth seeing in your block.
The animation of the character is unfortunately somewhat choppy because only help more frames.
I'm experimenting with animations so controlled by servo motors and electronic, have you perhaps even before?
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal