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Started by Daniel, September 07, 2022, 09:49:48 AM

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Thank you Ray.

The hut was a bit of a school at finding the good materials and way to simulate the texture of adobe and other things. But i enjoeyed it a lot.



Some times it's a bit tricky to cope with the ambivalence of some scenes...

P1810425 by d.caso, on Flickr

:- )



Ray Dunakin

Quote from: Daniel on September 09, 2022, 03:15:06 AMP1800427-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

I find it interesting that even such a simple and fairly crude device as this saw was still decorated with pinstriped designs.
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May be it was a way to make more clear that the board was flat and not vertical but, more probably, the decorative signs were related to the drawer not to the mechanism.

Anyway, until massproduction flued the world, the intents to make machines 'look nicer' where often so naive.
Still, as ever, i just don't know. Even worse, i just noted the signs after reading your comment!  :-[