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Scammel Tank Transport

Started by Gordon Ferguson, July 19, 2014, 12:24:21 PM

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Gordon Ferguson

Well after the question in "where is everybody" and having always loved Chester's 1/87 trucks when I saw this a couple of weeks ago decided to dabble..........

Little bit of background, I remember building this over 50 years ago , the kit has the date 1961 moulded on it. Seem to remember assembling it with good old tube glue and even the thick brushed coat of Humbrol paint would not cover the gluey finger prints.

In comparison to the high tech , high quality modelling elsewhere on this forum this is decidedly old fashioned fettling, no 3d printing , no photo etch not even any laser cut stuff . Just bits of wire , plastic and a continual supply of new ,sharp,  blades

So basically everything that is not grey has been added , and a lot of the grey plastic has been cut, sanded and generally fettled.........

Oh and one point for the rivet counters although the kit came with H/D tyres for all the axles including fronts, these transporters only had drive to the rear axles hence the big round sand tyres now fitted on the front

The build went reasonably well, with plenty of spare plastic to cut and sand away, was planing to add a different tread pattern on rear tyres, but after several attempts I had a choice either confine the thing to the shelf or live with my limitations.

Painting , as always a challenge for me , while my build skills have slowly improved over the years(IMHO) painting is still very much hit and miss ...... So while it is finished there are many areas which are to say the least questionable.

First a view of inside, really never to be seen again ...... But it kept me happy

Then on to the finished piece

P.S. Just remembered the steering wheel, in the painted version , is a PE item ....... So it is high tech after all  ;D

Andi Little

Cracking job Gordon ... It's good to see a bit of old school modelling. Something that you can follow along with, and potentially emulate, or at least assimilate?

Regards the "where's everyone" thread - I've been here the entire time. But I'm sorry everyone, those high tech' threads just leave me cold.
I know that's all down to me - but I just can't breathe in such a rarefied atmosphere.

What little modelling I've done recently has been of this type of ilk - down to earth and definitely (possibly) do-able!

Well done bloke!
KBO..................... Andi.


Most enjoyable!
I am looking forward to doing a truck soon.

Ray Dunakin

Looks good, especially considering the small scale!
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Ray Dunakin's World

Chuck Doan

Wow, assembled AND painted! Very nice.
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You really fettled the heck out of that kit. -- Russ


Well Done our Gordon and its finished !! But why did you not go for the resin version for loads of punishment !
But I do agree with others its nice just to do something straight out of the box.
Still with no workshop but found the kettle and my under pants!

shropshire lad

Quote from: Barney on July 20, 2014, 01:56:16 PM
Still with no workshop but found the kettle and my under pants!

Oh good , your neighbours will be so pleased .

          Nick , sunning himself on the shores of Lake Constance.

By the way , Gordon , the Scammell looks OK as well .


Agreed,...Cracking good! Thumbs up! Tally Ho!   ;)
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