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Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette

Started by miwi, September 15, 2013, 12:03:22 PM

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Here my newest build . This time a rusty small french vehicle

More pictures here


Nice job. Unfortunately it is a scale replica of how my body feels. -- Russ


Now my Duck is finished. There are inside a few items  missing but I'll add this after the MAGS Show in Tampa/Fl.

Please tell me what you think about it


I think it looks wonderful, love the weathering and the "paint job".
I wouldn't mind to have one of these for some cross country adventures!


That is a full of character build!
I like it and I love 2CVs.  :)

One or two suggestions though, that could add a lot to this already great looking vehicle:
I think you should add a bit more color/tonal variation in the blue areas, and blend the chipped and rusty coat with the top colored ones.
Your chips looks a bit "sharp" and blending the different layers (with filters or oilpaint e.g ) could add a little more natural look.
Also, it would "fade" the blue and make it look a bit older, in regard to the vehicle condition.

I love the eaten fender and the roof a lot.


Did you mention the scale of the model? -- Russ

P.S.: It is acceptable.


Very nice but I am seeing a very clean seat through the door.  I would think it should be in as rough shape as the rest of the vehicle. Still I like it.

Bill Hudson
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get up ten.


Quote from: finescalerr on September 28, 2013, 11:33:59 AM
Did you mention the scale of the model? -- Russ

P.S.: It is acceptable.



Very nice Michael. Old, well used and full of personality.

John in Australia

Ray Dunakin

I love it! I especially like the interior details.

I agree with Alexandre's suggestions for the blue areas.

One other small nit to pick... the interior is so nicely gritty, it seems there ought to be at least a little grime on the steering wheel.

All in all, very nice work!
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Very nicely done. That seat could use a little wear and tear....
The only other thing I see that stands out, at least to me, is
the backside of the wheels is never weathered to match the outside.
This shows in your rear of vehicle low angle photo.
Or it could just be the photo....
But again, very nicely done.


Thanks to all of you  for your hints and comments. I will try to  blend the blue with some filter and get a more used look the seats.


I want to ask you what color oil paint you would recommend to blend the blue. I'm thinking about to use diluted blue that is toned with white or black to get slighter or dark blue. Or is that the wrong idea. I must say the longer I look to your models and the technique that you are using I think that I have to learn a lot .