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40's Chevrolet cab over

Started by chester, August 02, 2013, 09:01:23 AM

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Another little 1/87 piece.


I love the tarp! How did you do it?
And just what is it about cab overs? I really like all of them.
Nice model.


Chuck Doan

That is nice. The tarp looks great.

I have been looking for old truck info on the net-pics of your trucks pop up a lot!
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I really like that one. -- Russ

Gordon Ferguson

Chester , another little jewel from you......... I really like these creations of yours , the finish is always outstanding

Me, I am a big fan of Yank coe's ....... This is a 1st Direct diecast 1/36 scale that I am working on & off on


Hot tamales, that's nice! -- Russ


Wow Gordon, exceptional! GMC Cannonball.
Paul, I just use the old 1 ply tissue and the 50/50 glue/water bit.

Thanks all.


Very nice Chester.  Perfect tarp.

Gordon a real good job on yours to.

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Ken Hamilton

Just popped in for a brief visit and the first thing I see is one of Chester's master creations.
GREAT job on that tarp, particularly since it's in HO-scale.  Great job, pal.
Ken Hamilton


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