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Water Splash Effect

Started by marc_reusser, February 05, 2007, 03:41:50 PM

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Have a look at this. It's Sci-Fi....but beautifully done. I think the water/splash effect is just great.


You can scroll through the 16 photos by using the buttons in the bar at the top and bottom of the page.

This was done by Michael Fitchenmayer.  Here's his description of how how he did the water:

"Thanks guys... for the water...

1: Cut out clear plastic (from a toy package) in the shape of your base or puddle.

2: Paint puddle's back side with mud color.

3: Heat some clear plastic and form the basic splash shape.

4: Use Liquitex Gloss Acrylic Gel Medium (available at most art supply stores) and affix the splash to the puddle with it. It's white but dries clear. Do not build up too much or the center will stay white. Small layers are best.

5: Give the splash a light misting of your base mud color with the airbrush. Let it be clearer near the edges.

6: Use various brushes and coat the top of the splash with thin layer of gel. While wet, use rough hard brushes to brush the streaks into the wet gel. Let dry and repeat.

7: Add little dabs here and there along the edges to get a rougher, sprinklier ridge.

8: Apply bits of clear fishing line aroung the tire with gel. When dry, apply more gel for the little splashes behind the tire. Drybrush these with mud color and coat with Future Floor Acrylic.

9: For puddle ripples, apply gel with a soft brush and streak on.

10:Coat all water with Future for a gloss finish.

That's it!"

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