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1/32 Scale Diecast Tractor kits

Started by marc_reusser, April 15, 2012, 11:56:48 PM

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Ran across this site. They appear to be the typical diecast quality, but they seem to have quite the selection of mfr. models. They might work good as a base/donor kit, for a more detailed rebuild. Definitely would need to strip the paint and maybe add some small details. Wonder if the smaller types could be used/adapted for a 1/35 scene.


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Cool find Marc

Mr Doan automatically came to mind when i saw the sight. Imagine what he could do to some of those tractors.
Kind Regards

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Gordon Ferguson

You will not need to strip the paint as they come as a kit of white metal parts , as you would expect I have the Grey Fergie tractor..... 1950 FERGUSON TEA 20........... not built

Will post some detail pictures of the parts later. 


I assembled one of their Fordson E27N kits a number of years ago and was somewhat less than hugely impressed by the quality. More recently a friend assembled one of their County kits and didn't have a whole lot of complimentary things to say, especially about the tracks. However, if you want 1:32-scale models of classic British tractors they're pretty much the only game in town (and at least they're less homely than the 1:43 Langley tractor kits).
Kevin Crosado

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These Tractor kits are rubbish and expensive to sum up in one word "Crap" don't waste your money better off with Universal Hobbies diecast ready built versions available in 1/32nd and 1/16th scale -need stripping (just show them a tin of paint stripper and the paint falls off) some plastic parts will require rebuilding and detail but at half the price and less on the smaller tractors its good value and a half decent model to start with -they also do some workshop equipment and farm machinery go for this site for the whole range of products   http://www.model-tractors.co.uk/index.shtml#Ford7810 or the Universal Hobbies site for the complete range.


having built a number of tractors based on commercial diecast models the products from Universal models are the only ones capable of creating a finished model to our standards provided that you are prepared to put a lot of energy into these.

all the rest, including Brittans & Siku are rubbish notworth the time and / or money

Have fun

Ray Dunakin

The Universal tractors really look sharp. I wish they made some in 1/24th.
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Andi Little

Quote from: Ray Dunakin on April 16, 2012, 10:00:51 PM
The Universal tractors really look sharp. I wish they made some in 1/24th.

I would dearly appreciate a range [however small] of tractors and/or agricultural machinery in 1/24:5, vintage types especially.
I have several books on the subject and lazily leaf through them often. Just don't have the courage or confidence to attempt a scratch project.

KBO..................... Andi.


Hello guys,

Just to clarify some points in that discussion. 1/32 scale is very common in Europe more that any other scale. The main reason could be explain by the fact that Britains and Siku started their business some decades ago with this scale. By the way, these productions were toys and only toys for kids. On the other side, some other brands came on the market with promotionnal items to be given to the kid when the father bought a eal one. It was the way to make some advertising !

Actually, kids and collectors ask for 1/32 scale models because it's possible to put them easily on glass display and or tables for show. Due to the sizes of realos models, this scale seems to be the best one even if Universal Hobbies starts a businnes in 1/16 european models. These tractors and implements are for collectors only. They're quite precise but nned to be handle carefully.

What about precision ? Hmmmm, well, well. I agree with some opinions. For the 1/32 models, it's quite expensive compare to the precision and the quality. Even if the manufacturers tell that is a ''precision models'', it can't be compared to 1/16 models. On one hand, the farm hobby is explodind in France since 6 or 7 years and many things have to be done to find a ''cruising speed''. Modeling and display have to prove themselves but the farm skill level can't be compared to what is done with planes, tanks, or stuff like this in the 1/35 scale. I try to create a new way of modeling but the prices are too high to be destroy or completed (around 40 to 60 euros per each).

On the other side, Scaledown has a range of tractors kits. I get some of them. They're not perfect but the quality is not as bad as Barney is saying. I agree that the kits need some more details and work to be acceptable but I like them. For me, it's better that plastic.

I join a picture of a John Deere 3120 made by Schuco : I keep just the bonnet hood, the main frame and the rear wheels and rims. I add around 291 more pieces to make it as real as possible.

Sorry for my english. I hope that everyone has understand.



No need to apologize for your English, Bill.  I'm sure we all understood what you were saying.

VERY nice work on the model.  It looks great.

Bill Martinsen


Thanks for your understanding. Here is the picture of the original model at the 1/32 scale. A way to compare what can be done by this king of model.



That's a lovely job you have made very realistic in many ways -feed us more - I myself surrender and will go to a corner when Nick moves out !! or even crawl under one of Gordon's walls.


1/32 farm models are not common on this forum ! I can start a topic on this John Deere 3120 with a french manure spreader. The spreader is a completed scrachbuilt project made with Evergreen and plastic sheet.

I will post a some pictures of some Scaledown kits as the Matbro Mastiff, Triple Doe, Fordson and County. The main interest of these models is the fact that they represent English tractors.


Hi Guys

anyone looking for a nice 35th scale tractor kit I suggest you take a close look at the new SPK Models "Zetor 25A" resin kit.

full review of the kit at www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews.

Terry gave it full marks and at Euro 35 a great buy compared to these poorly detailed diecast models.

kit is obtainable direct from SPK.  I have dealt with them extensively over time and find their service excellent.  No connection with SPK except as a very satisfied customer.

enjoy & have fun