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CA Bedford - 1/24 [Resin Kit].

Started by Andi Little, April 02, 2012, 01:15:39 AM

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Malachi Constant

Ah, so the "before" (first) and "after" (er, last) photos ARE the same ... had to do a bit of reading there!  ???  ;D

Okay then ... the "in-between" photos look promising ... let the madness continue!  BTW, neat approach to wedging in the horizontal bits.  -- Dallas
-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com

Andi Little

OK Dallas - here you go! definitely the latest pic's in correct order. You can tell they're the last ones 'cos they're "yellow"!! ( ;) )

For everyone else just a top-up update.

I've put the body into filler - a primer filler to be exact......... and before anyone beats me soundly I did nothing to the body at all - no scrubbing with alcohol - dish soap or anything - equally I have not fettled the bodywork since; and I know there are areas that will need addressing - work - massaging and general finessing. BUT, I am so chuffed at how everything has tied in together, a dozen or more times better than I'd hoped for, and in comparison to what I've done what needs doing is a walk in the park. Plus a lot of the natural bumps and bangs will be utilised as a patina or distressing on the actual vehicle - figuring that seeing as this has been naturally rought it should negate any contrived effects - or at least diminish them?
And without tooting mine own horn! - The grille was so worth doing; a bit more nibbling and it will look so much better again.

Here go then.....................

I actually feel like I'm able to make a start on some other projects now [daren't before as I would of just sunk beneath the waves methinks].  I have a lunatic resin fish to do [Yes Michael, I did gain one on the black market] but of course there's the Cat' 10 which beckons - if not just because there seems to be an underground group build going on that I'd like to join???

Anyhoo ............ more anon.
KBO..................... Andi.


Hmm. Looks exactly the same. Did you change anything? -- ssuR

Andi Little

Nope, not really. Just wanted to show it all in it's primer state - a sort of warts and all shot before further fettling.

Or is thou taking the pisseth - and if so which one of us has to go to the corner, bearing in mind of course you're the top dollar boss ..................[kind of just answered my own question haven't I]!!....?
KBO..................... Andi.