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My military train.

Started by Jerry Barnes, January 29, 2012, 09:59:14 AM

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Jerry Barnes

I've been making an Army train, showing items related to my military service in Vietnam and later in the Nebraska National Guard(the tank). The Sealand piggyback I made and lettered, using one of my old pictures I took over there.

I am using two K-line army locomotives, had to rebuild the motor blocks, due to cracked gears.
I had Cobra's accompany my convoys, this is a Revell 1/32nd model. I like the larger scale instead of the usual 1/35 that military models are.

I had a armored gun jeep that I used in my convoys. I used a Testors 1/32nd die cast model of a M38 jeep that I altered to look like a M151A1.

A MDC caboose was used as the base for my Army caboose. It has a full interior also.


Jerry, do you live on a ranch or something? Your yard looks beautiful and you don't seem to have a bunch of houses across the street. -- Russ

Jerry Barnes

  We live on 5 acres, yard is about an acre. You can see it on an aerial shot on my web page.  Anyone want to move to Nebraska? May put the house up for sale this spring.   web site:    thescrr.com


Enjoyed the video Jerry. Ha. I learned to drive a stick in the Mutt while in Vietnam. Had forgotten! :)
Ed Traxler

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