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1/48 gutters

Started by Wesleybeks, June 21, 2011, 06:41:22 AM

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Hi everyone

Ive just started building in this scale and i would like to add some gutters to a building. There is nothing available here in South Africa so i have to turn to online shopping. Can you guys recommend some suppliers for me. Ive got some styrene stock that i might use if i dont find anything wortwhile online.

My first choice is the square type that you get(hope this makes sense) however the half round will work too.

Hope someone can help.

Kind Regards

Modelling in sunny South Africa



Off-hand I don't know of any on the market....at least not decent looking ones. For soimple square ("box gutters"), as well as for half-round it would be fairly easy to make them out of a heavy alu foil (such as the bottoms of pie tins), or better yet .005"/.127mm or thicker brass or copper, or even a paper such as Velumn hardened with ACC after forming would work. For the downspouts simple styrene rod stock, detailed with some strip as needed, should do the trick.

I know it's not what you were lookung for, but HTH anyhow.

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Ahhh....leave it to the German suppliers.

Here are some pre made copper half-round gutters and such in 1:43 (should work in 1/48 dependig in what prototype your basing yours on)


This is just the first one that came up....searching "1:43 Dachrinnen" in google....there are likely more. (I used 1:43 because it is a more common scale in Europe).

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Wes some here wonder whether after 1:48 is possible.
Regards Helmut
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   no link visible  ;)

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Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal

Malachi Constant

The link that Helmut posted is the first one that comes up under the search Marc suggested -- looks like some neat stuff offered in 1:43.5, 1:32 and 1:22.5 ...

Also, regarding Marc's initial suggestion of making your own, also see his example using paper to make gutters:

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
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Hi Wes,

I have cut the rain gutters of 6mm brass tube with a 0.3 mm circular saw blade on my Böhler saw. In addition I have soldered the respective tube (a little longer than needed) to a square brass rod and walked it along the parrallel guide out of the saw. In this way the pipe couldn´t rolled away. 
At the beginning the saw blade was sunken into the saw bench. By driving upwards the saw blade slowly, I cut up the pipe from below. By doing this the thin blade was given a good parallel implementation and didn´t run off to the side. The cut separates the pipe outside the center.

Alte_Waage_Lbg_036 (fspg2)

Alte_Waage_Lbg_038 (fspg2)

From left to right you see: soldered on one side of leadership square  -  with 0.3 mm blade off-center separately  -  two half profiles.

Because the rain gutter brackets have only a material thickness of 0.2 mm and I'm looking for a stable way, I'm still milled in addition to drawing a holding plate with 0.2 mm deep grooves for the positioning of the holder.

Alter_Lagerschuppen_217 (fspg2)

With the help of a solder gauge I could keep the roof pitch angle accurate.

Finally, I've tried a tip (by Helmut) for the tinning of the parts.

I painted well stirred soft solder onto the gutters and the flame did rest. I always went step by step so that the remaining parts didn´t fall apart again.
All parts were pressed down by Aluminium blocks meanwhile.

Here is one more option: this time without a roof pitch.

Alte_Waage_Lbg_40 (fspg2)

milled gutter bracket  - Material thickness 1.3 mm x 0.2 mm for 6mm half-pipe

The anterior eye snaps over the soldered 1mm brass wire. With the help of an old small screwdriver I pushed the bracket on the NS-backing sheet.

Alte_Waage_Lbg_41 (fspg2)

Alte_Waage_Lbg_42 (fspg2)

...aging follows!

Ok, ...these pictures are from buildings on a scale of 1:22.5...

...however, I used the same way to cut rain gutters also from 3mm brass tubes for 1:43,5! For this, I had the gutter brackets, however, not milled, but uses thin strips of 0.1 mm brass foil.


Edit: I found two close-ups:




Quote from: finescalerr on June 22, 2011, 01:29:56 AM
As somebody who posts on this forum you should "roll your own". Failure to do so will cause us to take a dim view of you. Follow Marc's lead. Be bold. -- Russ
Jeepers Russ, it seems to me part of the thrill here is to find obscure sources for inane detail parts, preferably from a website in a little-used language created by a guy who has cataloged and made available all shapes of 19th century window muntins in the three most popular military scales and who is next making glazier's points to match.

Never mind, Marc likely has it bookmarked already.

But really it is a thread like this and the accompanying model photos that make me come back for info and inspiration, even if my available modeling time is currently reduced.

Thanks all, John

John Palecki

shropshire lad

I need a short run of 1/12th scale guttering for my lean to and I found a source here in the UK who make plastic gutter for the dolls house market . So I'll be buggered if I am going to make my own when I can buy it ready made . If it proves to be too thick at the edges then I'll give a good dremelling ( or Proxxoning in my case) until it looks OK . I'll spend my modelling time sticking down bricks and tiles instead .

  If that is not acceptable to His Reinbergness then tough titties .

  Sorry ,I haven't got time at the moment to waste in the corner , so just add it to my account and I'll do my time when it is more convenient ,


Gordon Ferguson

Under a bit pressure Nick?

dolls & prams  come to mind  ;D ;D


Please remember mere printed words can't always convey when the tongue is in the cheek. Of course it's not always possible or practical to scratchbuild everything. But it is great when we can, and Frithjof's stunning example truly underscores that.

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After seeing Frithjof's, I wonder why even continue. :-\ ;)

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


shropshire lad

Quote from: marc_reusser on June 22, 2011, 01:31:36 PM
After seeing Frithjof's, I wonder why even continue. :-\ ;)


  Don't be ridiculous , we say the same about your work