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1/35 Scale & Larger, Civilian Figures

Started by marc_reusser, April 01, 2011, 11:56:23 PM

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Links and info about 1/35  and larger civilian figures, or military figures that can be used/adapted for civilian scenes..

This is intended as a group effort, so feel free to add more links to useable figures! Lets try to Keep this pretty tight on topic and subject, as a reference location, and review of the material or vendor if you have used them/it. I will try and consolidate posts/info wherever I can..so if your topic or post/link vanishes or is modified, it was likely consolidated into/or with another post with a sim topic/material.


Master Box Limited (wide range of injection molded 1/35 figures and diorama accessories)

Citizenry; West European WW2 Era #3588   http://www.mbltd.info/3567.htm
Iraq Kit 2 #3576   http://www.mbltd.info/3576.htm
Civilians; Western Region WW2 Era #3567   http://www.mbltd.info/3588.htm
France 1944 #3578   http://www.mbltd.info/3578.htm
Domestic Animals #3566   http://www.mbltd.info/3566.htm
Maquis French resistance #3551   http://www.mbltd.info/3551.htm
Woment at War; US Navy WAVES #3556   http://www.mbltd.info/3556.htm
Women at War; German Luftwaffe Helferinnen #3557   http://www.mbltd.info/3557.htm
Russian Tankmen; 1943-44 #3535    http://www.mbltd.info/3535.htm
Somewhere in Europe, 1944 #3538   http://www.mbltd.info/3538.htm
Checkpoint #3527   http://www.mbltd.info/3527.htm
Europe 1945 #3514   http://www.mbltd.info/3514.htm

MIG Productions (1/35 Resin figures and diorama details)
In Europe:  http://migproductions.com/
In the United States:  http://migproductions-usa.com/

WW2 Russian Hooligan #MP 35-120   http://migproductions-usa.com/wwii-russian-hooligan.html
Civilian Russian Woman #MP 35-272   http://migproductions-usa.com/civilian-russian-women.html
Civilian Old Russian Man #MP 35-273   http://migproductions-usa.com/civil-oldman-russian.html
Arab farmer #MP 35-283   http://migproductions-usa.com/arab-farmer.html
Old Russina Woman #MP 35-288   http://migproductions-usa.com/old-russian-woman.html
ATS Driver Samantha #SKP087   http://migproductions-usa.com/ats-driver-samantha.html

MK-35 Editions (wide range of 1/35 resin figures and diorama accessories)

Animals http://www.mk35.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=14&Itemid=1&lang=en

Civilians (there are 6 pages, starting here) http://www.mk35.com/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=18&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1&lang=en

Verlinden Productions (wide range of resin figures and diorama accessories)

1/35 Academy Figures  #759   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=358
Arab Boy With Donkey #955   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=381
Angel of Mercy #2047   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=379
Dromedaries #1491   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=503
WW2 Farm Boy with Cow and Dog #2631   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2074
Farmer & Wife Europe WWII #1909   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=524
Farmer with Horse #1224   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=525
Farmers Wife & Daughter #2503   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1889
Newspaper Salesman WWII #1799    http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=877
Nurse With Children WWII (3 Fig.), #2512   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1907
Nurses WWII #894   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=882
Saturday Night Bath Vietnam #1076   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=995
1:35 TV News Team #688       http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1144
US Tanker & Priest #844       http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1221
Welcome GI #1443    http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1264
WWII Civilians #2016    http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1288
Vietcong in Small Boats #570   http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1250
I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Malachi Constant

A "few more" 1/35 scale civilians (by Manufacturer):

Aurora Model:  http://aurora-model.jp/e-military1.html
(Also seller ID "aurora-model" on ebay)
-- Figures are cast in lead or white metal, detail is not super crisp, but sculpting is quite nice
-- Red Cross Nurse, ML001
-- Civilian Girl (child), ML004
-- WWII Street Girl, ML005
-- German Shepherd (dog) w/ medical pack, ML027
-- Red Cross Nurse #3, ML028
-- Red Cross Nurse #4, ML029
-- Red Cross Nurse #4, ML032
-- Red Cross Nurse #5, ML033
-- various "saucy" military girls; dogs & cats

Bronco Models:   www.BroncoModel.com
-- WWII Allied Female Soldiers, #CB35037:
(This is obviously not a "civilian" set, but good source of female faces, hands and legs)

Custom Dioramics -- can't find a web site for these guys, so the items numbers are those that can be found on Squadron.com
-- Pacific Island Girl (topless, grass skirt), #CD4050
-- Orthodox Priest, #CD4057

Hornet & Wolf (aka "Hornet Heads")
-- http://www.greenwichgateway.com/hornetandwolf/index.htm
-- HUGE variety of heads with or without hair, all sorts of facial expressions, etc.

Legend Productions: http://www.www-legend.co.kr/
-- Also available from Squadron.com and others
-- Comrade Mon Amour, civ. female in car, #LF0061
-- "Let's go" (woman in leather skirt) #LF0072
-- Last Tango in Paris (civilian female dancing), #LF0083
-- Man & woman in bed; #LF0087
-- Farmer & daughter, #LF0088
-- Milk maid & cow, #LF0093
-- Various scantily clad (or un-clad) "hot body" female figures
-- plus German Shepherds, kangaroos ...

MK35 Productions:  See Marc's post above (I like these!)

Model Victoria:  http://www.modelvictoria.it/figurines.htm
-- A bit "pricey" -- Nick says they're quite nice!
-- Man w/ shovel, #4053
-- Woman w/ children, #4054
-- Civilian in Arms (suit/mobster look), #4077
-- Welder w/ cart, #40100
-- Man wearing overalls, #40101

Nemrod: Not sure of web site, Squadron.com stock numbers shown.
-- I have one of the civilians, detail is not super crisp, but good proportions and pose.
-- Civilian June 1944, NM35048
-- Civilian June 1944 #3, NM35049
-- Female Civilian June 1944, NM35053
-- German Railway Men, NM35073
-- Children Normandy 1944, NM35079
-- Civilians (Man & Woman, well-dressed), NM35081
-- Civilian Woman w/ Valises 1944, NM35088

Plus Model:  http://www.plusmodel.cz/
-- Figures are in the "dioramas" section of catalog
-- Girls (dressing/undressing) #149
-- Civilian man & woman, #157
-- Refugees (or peasants), two women, cart & kids, #292
-- Organ grinder, monkey, kid on scooter, #291
-- Disabled man  & granny, #319

Resicast:  http://www.resicast.com/
-- web site sucks; surf for other places to see them!
-- Civilian worker;  #355505
-- Bulldozer operator, #355530
-- Mechanic, #355577
-- Man w/ hands in pockets, #355602

Verlinden: http://www.verlindenonline.com/store/
-- US Mechanics (look like auto mechanics) #1558
-- also separate hands and a variety of "figure conversion" sets that have useful assortments of arms, hands, torsos, etc.

Have fun! -- Dallas

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com

shropshire lad

The Model Victoria figures I have are excellent castings and highly recommended if you are prepared to pay the price . Just remember that if you are working in this scale it is not usually necessary to have that many figures on a diorama so spending a bit more on a few good quality figures , that paint up well, should justify the extra cost . If you are building a layout then it will get more expensive if you use top quality figures throughout .

Two further Italian companies that produce 1/35 figures that might be of use .

ALARMI ! www.italiankits.it

  35041  Italian Tank Crew
  35046  Italian Tank Crew

Royal Model www.royalmodel.com

  191  Italian Tanker
  486 Italian Tanker
  573 Civilian with child
  590 Mechanics x3
  636 Mother with children

I have bought my figures from these companies from www.sbmodels.uk.net



Preiser 1/35 scale figures  [could not find a mfr. website, but sold through various retailers]

Civilians [5 figs.] (Unpainted) #64002
Refugees [7 figs] (Painted) #64007
Workers 1939-45 [6 figs] (Unpainted) #64010
Women Digging in Ruins [6 figs] (Painted) #64011
Postwar Travelers [9 figs] (Unpainted) #64014
There's  a whole marching Band and individual musicians, however I can't tell for sure if they are also 1/35

Doug's Originals Canadian mfr of 1/35 figures & animals

35001   Running Children (2)
35028   Angry Woman w/ Broom

35A01   Scared Cow
35A02   Dead Cow
35A03   Goat & Beagle
35A04   Scared Geese (2 geese)
35A05   Running Hounds (2 running dog figures)
35A06   Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #1, Charging
35A07   Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #2, Charging
35A08   Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #3, Charging

Historex/Nemrod 54mm Scale

NMA006   Cow and calf
NMA007   Cow resting

The Armourer Russian mfr. of 1/35 resin figures [could not find a mfr. website, but sold through various retailers]

AR-35F002   Herd boy
AR-35F003   Orthodox priest
AR-35A001   Cow, standing
AR-35A005   Cow II, 2 cows in prone position
AR-35A002   Goat, standing
AR-35A003   Pig, standing
AR-35A004   Dogs, 2 dogs, one sitting and one lifting leg urinating

Helo Miniatures 1/35 figures

#35012   1/35 scale mannequins (torso/pelvis) with true 1/35 scale proportion chart for sculpting your own
             miniatures. Contains 4 torsos & 4 pelvis's.  Use after market heads. Sculpt your own limbs.
I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....



Mantis Miniatures  Polish company mfg. 1/35 resin figures and animals.

35005 Animals - Set 1 (mediterranean and african)
35009 Animals - Set 2 (European)
35012 Animals Set 3 (city)
35020 Animals - Set 5 (fish)
35024 Animals - Set 6 (country)
35028 Animals - set 7 (sea-side)

Miniman Factory Hungarian 1/35 resin figures

F004   Russian guard with dog (World War II) [dog would work well for a vicious guard dog, or junkyard dog, scene]

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Franck Tavernier

S-3541 Russian children, 1941-45

New World Miniatures

NWM-H0001 Head set #1 "Bald"
NWM-H0002 Head set #2 "Bald"
NWM-H0003 Head set #1 with hair
NWM-H0004 Head set #2 with hair

The Body
35035 Natasha
35010 Heads
35013 Heads
35015 Heads
35016 Heads

C-35002 German mechanic
C-35012 SS Panzer crew

JA63013 U.S. Reflueling Party (2)
JA63023 Sandbag Detail U S tankers
JA63046 Uh....! Mechanics at work

35051Canadian/British Tank Crewman
35021 Bare Heads #1
35022 Bare Heads #2
HANDS01 3 Right, 3 Left Hands for 1:35 Scale Figures
HANDS02 3 Right, 3 Left Hands for 1:35 Scale Figures
HANDS03 3 Right, 3 Left Hands for 1:35 Scale Figures

35010 German tank crew at work
35011 German tank  repair crew
35062 German solders at rest
35065 German RAD at work 1939/45
35101 U.S. Mortocycle repair crew



I can't believe noone has yet mentioned Tamiya's exciting and highly accurate CAMPUS FRIENDS set which includes tube socks, scooter and tennis racket for fascinating college action scenes   :o


I always regretted they didn't come in 1/35 scale, so that they could be chased off campus by a tiger tank.    ;D


Here is a small list of the 1/24 figures i made for my french board. Hope it will be usefull for you


on ebay

2 in 1



On ebay



On ebay



On ebay

scale 1/24

Painted figure

unpainted figure



Supply line Modelroad






Scale Production



I never understood 1/24 scale figures. They're larger than most! They should be more detailed and better sculpted than 1/35 or 1/48 figures.

Bexley Andrajack



Thanks for posting these. Good addition/info to to the thread.

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Malachi Constant

New release from Royal Model in 1/35 scale -- #638 Children Playing:

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


These Royal Model figures are impressive. Especially when you compare them to the 1:24 figures.
Ed Traxler

Lugoff, Camden & Northern RR

Socrates: "I drank WHAT?"


What is the deal with the 1:24th offerings (G scale, no?)!!!?  Is it just the scale?  In looking at them, it doesn't look as though anyone has done any sculpting of new figs since Sputnik.  Except for the motorcycle Mama line...  ::)

And as to the detail - my kids have sculpted ash trays in 2nd grade art class that look more like people (I just cracked myself up - hopefully this audience is old enough to remember what an ash tray is and appreciate the irony of making one for your parents).

We just had this conversation last week locally.  Seriously - a Sci-Fi hobby friend of mine who specializes in tricking out old cars into Jetson-esque rides is now sculpting his own stuff to because the scale is such a wasteland.  He does have the bobby socks kit - and I think he just cannablized the set with the nehru jackets and giant peace medallion necklaces.

We are in the process of making up two figures in pretty generic coveralls for our use as workers for auto/factory/rail (with a bare head and hat option)... we may cast them up now, looking at the postings so far.

Paul(non-smoker)Ranta  ;D

"Did I mention this is a bad idea?"


G scale is 1:22:5. Half-inch scale is 1:24. Some refer to 1:20.3 scale as F scale. For the record, it is my opinion that letter designations for scale are childish and stem from the toy train industry of the 1930s. Model railroading is the only hobby that uses such designation.

It is more accurate and less confusing to refer to scale simply by proportion: 1:87.1, 1:48, 1:35, and so on. That is what vehicle and military and ship modelers do. It is what all of us should do, too.



Agreed oh, wise woodwinder,

Though I'll not take shots at rail ethos as an outsider, F, G, etc. does add to the confusion (not that On30, etc. is any easier for my aging melon ;D).  I think one of the things that amazes me (and I think I've seen this discussed on this forum before) is the stunning detail that folks put into multi hundred/thousand $ rail lines, gear and scenes and then populate them with figures out of the Army Action Figure Playset bag of 250... thought the same is often true for other disciplines... a hundred hours of work on a plane/car/tank kit and then set on lousy ground work.

Scale madness isn't limited to rail, BTW, there are some pretty good dust ups over figure accuracy, especially in the 1:35th and 1:32nd (54mm) realm... especially maddening when most of them are built around a weapon or equipment that really is a constant as a starting reference point.  And then when you factor in the whole "is the figure supposed to be 5'6", 5'9, 6' " argument (apologies to our metric friends outside of the Luddited States of America  ;D) - 120mm and 1/16th scale has some real rubbish floating around as well...

So to my eye, the two scales are barely compatible - with the 6 foot and over 1:24th scale figure fudging into the 1:22 space?   
     72"     70"     69"     66"
1:22   3.27   3.18   3.14   3.00
1:24   3.00   2.92   2.88   2.75

Sorry - just some ramblings... time to go back outside and do yard work...

"Did I mention this is a bad idea?"