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Started by madmike3434, December 27, 2010, 08:36:37 AM

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Here is a link to my photobucket account of my build #504 called THE ROAD KILL DINER  Its O scale. This was the last of my 3 builds involving a diner / eatery that i built in the winter of 2010.


One of my all time favorite HO kits was George Sellios roadside diner. Starting with a bachmann on30 coach i removed all the inside seating and built a long 30 ft table that faced the window and installed the seats behind it. I also installed a strip wood floor. Narrow gauge cars are only 7 foot wide inside and left a very narrow area for a waitress to travel back and forth. The cookhouse area was added to the rear.
DAVE DENO internet name HOTSHOT built that fantastic very large knarly oak tree using plaster and sissel type rope.  The diner roof was painted with floquil grimey black and then one single sheet kleenex was cut into strips and laid over top to give a canvas looking roof. I also used a set of grandt line windows for skylights. Once dry it was coated once more with floquil.  The signage is vinyl 1/4" stck on letters. blinds in the windows come from builders in scale. The diner roof vents are HO scale from FSM. Banta supplied the laser cut stairs.
madmike3434 ....mike lynch

Ray Dunakin

If I may offer a couple suggestions...

The tree is not blended into the base at all, and in fact appears to hover a couple scale inches above the ground. This detracts from the overall appearance.

The brick foundation could benefit from a little weathering, IMHO. It looks too clean for something in such close proximity to the ground.

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Your right Ray about the tree, amazing how well flaws show up with the new 12 mega pixel cameras, things that really are not easily spotted with the eye.   After shooting and viewing the pictures i unscrewed the tree from below and ran its base along my belt sander machine to straighten it out.  Then it sat perfect. i never re shot the scene.

Yes, those brick walls under the cookhouse are way too clean and lively, only really shows weeping effervesence on the brick surface.    A wash of alcohol & india ink and some well placed woodland scenics foliage as vines/bushes would have nicely aged & toned down the area.

I think the structure ended up in michigan on a hobbiests On3 layout.  No idea of how he placed it and what if any modifications he incorporated. ???