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Rainy day trip to the museum

Started by NORCALLOGGER, September 21, 2010, 06:42:48 PM

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Hi all,
I promised Gordon (gfadvance) a while back that I would get him a few pictures of the "Holt T35" also known as the "2 Ton", this is a small early crawler tractor for those of you that are wondering.

Sunday I was close by the Ag Museum in Woodland CA so took full advantage of the oportunity to get lots of pictures and measurements.  I clicked the "Holt 2 Ton" and the "Caterpillar 10" for Gordon then took shots of the "Holt 75" later "Caterpillar 75" for the file I have been collecting for a future build of this monster.  I also clicked a few pictures of a horse drawn street car and a model T Ford tractor that will knock your socks off. 

Here is a picture of a showpiece Caterpillar "10" that was a production model but painted white for showing at expositions by the factory.


Here is the little horse drawn streetcar that was used in Woodland in the early days.


Here is the Holt "75" that later became the Caterpillar "75"  I have been collecting information and pictures on this beast (28,000 lbs) for about a year, maybe someday when I get a few other projects caught up I will start on this.  For those that don't know Best Company and Holt Company merged to form the Caterpillar Company.
Anyway a picture


Now here is something I just have to get a start on.  Model T Fords were a lot like Fordson Tractors they were converted to just about any use a person could think of.  But this one is just sweet.

So I am looking for a Hubley diecast model T kit in 1:20 scale, as a starting point, if anyone out there has one they can part with.

The R Fond Dulac Tractor Company of Fon Dulac, Wis. produced these conversions for the Model T Ford.

Check out the picture
Thanks for looking



thanks for all the pics and info!  the last one is especially cool. There is a very sim battered and worn one with "Owner modifications" out at the RR/Logging museum in Willits.  Somewhere I have a bunch of photos of it, as well as some dimensions and misc detail sketches.  Will see if I can find them.

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Now that is a cool Model T... saving that one myself. Thanks for posting the photos Rick.


Ray Dunakin

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Ooh! Ooh! Holt 75!!! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Here's one at work in Belgium during the Great War.
Kevin Crosado

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Ken Hamilton

Thanks for the photos, Rick.  Very interesting stuff.
Ken Hamilton