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New Dio Build by Jean Bernard Andre

Started by marc_reusser, September 08, 2010, 12:45:54 PM

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For those that havent been there in a while (or those that never have), stop by and check out the  newest finished dio over at JBA Diorama:


I find it very cool, and as  with all his work beautifully done, evocative, and a simple scene telling a story.

For you rust fiends, check out the spawling/spalling rust detail....I thoucht it came out perfect (at least it matches what i have seen in real life)...and has given me new ideas and impetus for my watery grave dio.

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Don Railton

Marc - I have seen some of Mr. Andre's work in the past.  He has a great imagination and I love that water - WOW.

Thanks for the post.


Ray Dunakin

Beautiful. The water is so realistic! What scale is that diorama?
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