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Looking for this O scale tractor

Started by Craig_H, August 25, 2010, 01:11:52 PM

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Anyone here know were i can get this kit in O scale in white metal?? Believe they made it in diecast to.     Craig



try Universal Hobbies, who have a similar model in 1;43 scale in their range.



Bernard,   Thanks,     I looked on there site but there was nothing i was interested in....kind of got this tractor in mind. ;)                 Craig


Craig -

The Universal Hobbies model Bernard is thinking about is made in 1:16 scale.  I have one in my collection, and it's a beauty.  Here is a link to Outback Toys in Lititz, PA, who stocks the 1:16 model:  http://www.outbacktoystore.com/1-16th-Scale_2/1-16th-Fendt-Dieselross-First-Fendt-Tractor-w-Plow-by-UH.  Sorry, but I don't know of a source in 1:48 scale.

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Marc,     I should of bought the 1/48 scale tractor when i seen it selling on E-bay early this year ??? I thought it would be around awhile.             Craig