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1:1 feldbahn in Rijssen

Started by jacq01, August 08, 2010, 11:43:08 AM

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A couple of weeks ago I visited together with Leon our friend John Vogelaar in Rijssen.
As it was a nice day, we went for a visit to a small narrow gauge museum around the corner from where John lives. The have a nice tourist line and good sized amount of small locomotives that were used to haul the clay to the brick factory.

The delux motive power of the tourist train.

The high speed line through the woods

some of the critters............

The new O&K being restored for active use

More goodies inside the 3 stall engine shed

rolling stock.

For more info IN DUTCH !!!! http://www.leemspoor.nl/

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Great little collection Jacq, looks like it was an interesting day.

I must say though, I'm very partial to the first loco...with a bit of hairspray, weathering powders and maybe a few carefully place paint chips, she could come up a real treat!



Neat little operation.  If you can, could you ask about some better pix of that cream over maroon passenger car I see in some of the photos on the Dutch site?  I would appreciate it.  Thanx, Gary

Malachi Constant

Jacq --

Thank you for posting the photos and the link ... appreciated!

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
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Some very nice photos and equipment Jacq... thanks for posting. The little engine shop is a real treasure.


Gordon Ferguson

Great collection of photos Jacq, very partial to that Compressed Air Loco ..... think I built its little brother ;)


Ray Dunakin

That first loco, with the cartoon on the front -- is that a fireless steam loco? Or just gas loco with a fake-steam shell for the tourists?

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