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Vietnam Gun Truck Models in 1/35th

Started by Jerry Barnes, July 11, 2010, 11:58:14 AM

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Jerry Barnes

I ran convoys in Vietnam in 1969. We had armored gun trucks the units built to fight back against ambushes. I had several in each convoy. I had an armor plated gun jeep. No one makes a model of the M-54 five ton so I had to do my own, making masters and casting the parts. I used the Italeri M-925 US Army 5 ton model for the frame(had to modify it also). I have been making the gun trucks that were in my company. You can read about the build of the Red Baron here:   http://thescrr.com/GunTruck/ Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a link to my build of Snoopy.


Jerry. That's some great models. I never saw any of those .. did see Gen Abrams pull up in front of MACV HQ once. Forget what he was in .. following him was a gloss OD M551 with MPs wearing chrome helmets and a 105-mm Recoilless Rife mounted. I should do that up .. like something out of a movie. :) (that was 1970)
Ed Traxler

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Philip Smith

Were did you steal (appropriate) ;D the M113? Cut it up and mount it? 
The 151 is awesome!
great stuff!


Ray Dunakin

Hi Jerry, nice to see you over here! Those gun trucks are great. Man, you have all kinds of talents!

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

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Very interesting vehicles and models.  Love the Batmobile colors.  Since these are built by the guy who was there from photos he took and personal recollection, its also an interesting convergance of modelling, memoir and historic documentation.    Definitely more than just models, very cool!



Your personal knowledge really makes these come alive...

Why is the exhuast on Snoopy painted white?
- Verne Niner
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Jerry Barnes

Each crew added details to the trucks over the years. Re-paints would sometimes even change the name of the truck. Some considered that unlucky though. Trucks that retained the same name would vary somewhat over the years. You can get Volume #1 of James Lyle's book on Vietnam Gun Trucks, 'The Hard Ride'. He was a gun trucker himself. You can contact him at:   LYLES289HP@aol.com    Vol #3 will be out soon from Squadron.

Jerry Barnes

A friend of mine that was in the 444 Trans with me wanted a model of his gun truck, the Red Baron. Our company also had Snoopy, so it was logical-as logical as things get in a war anyway. After I made this model a re-enactment group in the UK saw it and made a full size replica and Wayne flew over to see/ride/drive it.