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Westlake Publishing Now Has a FaceBook Page

Started by marc_reusser, December 07, 2011, 09:57:10 PM

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The page will be periodically updated  to showcase noteable threads and projects happening here in the forum, and the occasional product link that we feel will benefit the model-builders....and of course most importantly, to keep you informed of the newst issues of the Magazine, and some of it's contents.


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Saw it last night! I was the 2nd person to like it!  :o


Whats a facebook?.........

just kidding, good idea!


Chuck Doan

I think it's a great idea. It's the current Place To Be, so why not?

Thanks Marc, for your time putting this together.
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Mr Potato Head

Can a person who "tag's" the page see Marc's Avatar? because their in for a surprise :o ::)
Gil Flores
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As a customer service manager in the software and hardware high tech companies for over 20 years, I have a very difficult time sharing my personal information, such a e-mail, etc with any company which requires that you provide them with one's e-mail information, and maybe more, before even allowing one to view the privacy policy which the company follows.  This is the case with Facebook, and is the primary reason that I will not have anything to do with Facebook in my personal life.  I know that in reality, I have to deal with Facebook for companies which I have been with, and have done so for company pages.  But for my personal use...  NO FRIGGING WAY!!  I, for one, am disappointed to see Westlake Publishing following the crowd to this over-rated site as so much more can be shared right here on the forum.  Sorry guys... but I think you will find in the long run that you are throwing away your time and resources.
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In the spirit of sharing, would you mind signing your name to your posts? I have asked everyone here to do that (see the recent sticky). Failure to do so someday may have consequences. Did everyone read that? Nobody here should remain anonymous; there is no reason to be.

Now about Facebook:

Marc Reusser had a very specific purpose for creating a page there and asked for my okay. His reason was logical and based on fact so I agreed. There is no reason to be disappointed that we are on Facebook, especially since you may not have seen the page. I'm certainly no fan of the company or its website, and many here aren't, but if we can use it as a tool for our own good intentions, what would be your objection?

We may be wasting a little time there, but no resources. And, if the experiment fails, down comes the page and we've merely wasted a few minutes or hours.

Because it is so inexplicably popular, Facebook has become a tool, like a hammer or a computer. Do you refuse to use a computer because it is a potential threat to privacy? Obviously not or you could not have posted on this forum! Similarly one may use a knife as a weapon or as a tool. We hope Facebook will succeed as a tool.




I respect anyones reason and right not to participate in FB. Im not a huge fan...but like Chuck mentioned, it is the current "place to be", and as Russ mentioned it is a tool.....and in that spirit, I think your post and its tone is very narrow minded, and self serving. The idea behind doing the page was to try and create a wider reach, marketing  and more diverse audience for the publication and forum. Though the page may only have 100 or so "likes"...which in the scope of things is not many.....but it is at least 80 more than are members of the forum, or have been prior subscribers......amongs these the vast majority are from overseas, thus exposing the publiction beyond the narrow minded, sheltered and tunnel-vision majority of US railroad modelers.......and FWIW....at least 50 of those "likes" are among some of the best model builders in the world in their respective fields. Whether this will translate into an additional magazine or subscription sold, will have to be seen.......but at least the exposure is there. Maybe this exposure will even lead some of these high quality builders to join the forum, or to submit their models and articles to Russ....which would be a win for him as well as the readers.

...and if as Russ says it fails or fades away, nothing has been lost.....except for my time and effort (which I gladly contribute to help promote a publication I believe in). You on the other hand have not contributed or invested anything......you have less than 30 posts here over the course of three years, and started '0' topics/threads, so you are not even participating in a perfectly safe forum....how do you rationalize/excuse that?

Remember the adage "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....



Marc or "M"

Great job on the FB page.  Even though I don't like it (FB) I think it is a good idea.  And hopefully it will bring more people to our forum.  And more sales for Russ.  Why if that happens he may not even retire.

And hell for starters the new issue is on display here how did that happen so fast???  An I guess Marty will have to eat his words now Marc started and finish a project and in a timely manner mind you. ;D
Just glad to be a member here.

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I'm not a big fan of FB either never used it or been on it.   But as Marc points out if it will help the forum and bring new members and sale's $ for Russ than that's good.   ;D   

W.P. Rayner

I've said it before in other posts and I'll say it again - I think the FB page is an excellent idea and I certainly hope it proves to be a success for Westlake. If only one new modeller is drawn to the forum or to the Westlake site, then I would call it a success. I've been on FB for 3 1/2 years now and have found it to be an invaluable tool to keep in regular touch with distant family, friends and various organizations and companies who offer valuable insights into my work. It has also proved to be a valued means by which to promote my work and that of other craftsmen and artists for whom I hold a great deal of respect. Afterall, this is the 21st century and any company that willingly chooses to ignore social media and its prevalent role in our culture will undoubtedly be left behind in the dust. True, there can be a tremendous amount of drivel, but as free-thinking adults with the ability to make up our own minds, it is very easy to ignore or block the meaningless rubbish and focus on that which is relevant (also a good practice to apply regarding political candidates but that's another rant!). Privacy is important to all of us but it is our personal responsibility in every aspect of our life, online or otherwise. If one's privacy concerns border on paranoid delusion, then you shouldn't be online at all, nor should you have a bank account, credit card, mortgage, car payment, cell phone, buyers' advantage cards from the grocery store, frequent flyer cards or subscriptions to any magazines to name just a few that spring immediately to mind. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said something to the effect that "They who give up freedom for security deserve neither."