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Four Wheel Logging Caboose and Water Car in 1:16 scale.

Started by Scratchman, July 18, 2022, 04:04:22 PM

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The article is in the 2008 Logging, Mining and Industrial Annual.

Gordon Birrell


Ray Dunakin

They are both great but I especially like that little caboose. So much character!
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Those photos look familiar. Too bad all couldn't have been as big as they are here. The models really are superb. -- Russ


Two beautiful models. I especially like all the little details in the caboose.



Got to see these little beauties first hand today plus a plethora of Gordon's other modeling gems.  This guy is amazing with both the quality and quantity of his workmanship.  I am fortunate to live only 20 minutes from his home in Utah.  It was great meeting with you today Gordon.  And keep up the good, or rather, excellent work.



I was hoping you could visit Gordon. He is a rare talent, isn't he? -- Russ


Absolutely!  One would probably never suspect he spent his career as a brick mason.



You would if you knew the superiority of his brickwork. Even people from other states would request him for special projects. Gordon was no ordinary brick mason. -- Russ


Wow!  Gordon they are just beautiful.  That caboose is exceptional.

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Bill Gill

I remember that caboose. Excellent! Thanks for reminding us.