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Laser cut O-scale windows

Started by Brent, September 11, 2022, 02:08:44 PM

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This 85 foot tall structure was built in Park City, Utah in 1900 and was destroyed by arson in 1981.
I would like to model it in O-scale.  I want to model it with the windows intact. How does on make the approximately 30 windows for this structure? They are all the same size.  Laser cutting?  What artwork would be required?

Thanks,  Young Brent


If all windows are the same size, it's a slam dunk. I can draw a window kit in an hour and anyone with a laser (including me) can cut as many as you want. I'd recommend some kind of cardstock, like Strathmore, to avoid wood grain going in the wrong direction. Besides, you easily can paint or stain card. Remember Tom Fitzgerald's Crystal River Products line of Strathmore doors and windows? -- Russ


Russ,  I remeber Crystal River Products and see they are in Utah now, apparently under did=fferent leadership.

I will see if I can determine measurements for the window(s).

The attached photo is of a model of the Silver King Coalition tipple made with Grandt Line windows.  It is on an O-sacle 2-rail layout in Ivans, Utah.

Young Brent