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Started by 1-32, August 30, 2017, 04:29:15 AM

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hi all.
i have been wanting to post some photos but i am finding it really hard.what i used to do was get into edit and then reduce the picture size then i would upload them on Fotki and then onto the forum.
now i have lost Fotki and all my reduced pictures.is there any way that is easier and i dont have to use so many steps.
cheers kim


There's a sticky thread on the subject with some good ideas. I still haven't come up with a simple one-step solution that's 100% reliable. Honestly, it's a big pain in the neck to post here but three web experts have told me there's no affordable alternative. They add, if there were, we'd lose whatever photos remain. -- Russ

Gordon Ferguson

Kim, if you look at the thread " how to post pictures" second last post on 1st page from Barney ..... He suggested  a pic resized prog. Which I have used, very easy and quick ...... Just resize your pics save on your computer and then use the "additional Options" button .... Bottom left when posting here


This is the one  http://webresizer.com       if I can understand it what more can I say and its free
I always download my photo  because webresizer only keep it for 24hours


michael mott

Hi Kim I use a program called Ifanview it is also a free program and is easy to use and works very well.