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1:24 Shed Diorama

Started by Scratchman, February 09, 2022, 12:34:13 PM

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1:24 Shed diorama
Here's photos of my 1;24 scale diorama. This was my entry for the Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society Shed Challenge. The Challenge was in the 2007 Modelers' Annual. The diorama is 29" x 27". It has four parts (1) the tool shed, (2) storage shed and (3) (4) a track and road section. The base is ¾ inch particleboard ,with a ¼ inch pine attached to the edges. The wood walkways overlap to hide the trim. The two sheds are made out of basswood, the corrugated tin is paper from Simpsons, the 1926 Mack Bulldog dump truck is a kit by monogram, the three foot gauge rail Truck and the Fordson roller are scratch. Both sheds have interiors, but I have no photos.

Gordon Birrell


Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World

WP Rayner

Outstanding work as always.

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Gordon, in case you lost any of your full resolution photos, I have everything you sent me on a backup disk. The shed was superb in 2007 and still is. -- Russ

Les Tindall

I genuinely thought the b&w photos were historical pics of the prototype buildings you made he models from.  Great work!


Well done, Gordon. With the background, the pictures really look like the real thing.



Hello Gordon,

That looks great :-)
Do you have a closer picture of the steamroller?


Very nice and so fine in detail it deserves a big WOW
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Stuart McPherson


Thanks guys for your comments.  I used a 1:48 scale kit, from  McKenzie iron and steel Co. for the pattern  for the 1:24  scale model.  The 1:48 model is the same as Wiseman Model Services. Fordson Powered Austin Pup Road roller This model is my only 1:24 scale Fordson. Before moving on with my 1:16 scale Fordoson models. Here's a photo of it setting on a different 1:24 scale diorama.

English Fordson Road Roller.

Gordon Birrell


Bill Gill

Gordon, Looks terrific all around. Nice touch with the wooden walks hiding the edges when all are joined together.


Why has your model building slowed down recently? It's been some time since you completed a new project. -- Russ


Nice work.  The sepia tone photos really give your model an historic feel and add to the realism of your diorama.