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The Google SketchUp Thread

Started by marc_reusser, May 15, 2010, 11:24:21 PM

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No one?
Only idea I have is to cut grooves for the tread on the lathe after printing.
I really wanted tread like n the picture.

Thinking about the lettering I don't know if that could be printed anyway.
May be one of those thick decals but they are expensive.

Anybody have any ideas?



Marty, I haven't done anything in SketchUp for months and I've already forgotten half of it but I think you would draw a rectangle of the proper size and use the "follow me" tool to place copies around each side of the bald tire. I'm sure Ed Traxler or somebody will correct me if I'm wrong. -- Russ


You should be able to print the lettering on the side with no problem.  I have some S scale tires with lettering on the sidewall that shows up. 

As for the tread, it is going to be difficult.  I would add the two center treads to the profile before you extrude/follow me the tire around.  After follow me, fill in the desired areas.  In my mind it will work, could be a stretch though.


Thanks cjd!
Thats a good idea!
I'm getting there!
Volker is helping me (by drawing the whole thing!) but I'm still trying to improve my skills.


I never draw something like that but I saw great tutorials on youtube Marty.

Mr Potato Head

Hey Marty
there's a hole in the middle you'll have to work harder ::)
Gil Flores
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Hello, all -
I want to start learning a simple, free version of 3D Cad, with a goal of 3D Printing. I did some CAD long ago, but not too much.
Is SketchUp the current best of the bunch?  What about TinkerCAD? Other good free software?
My son has a 3D Printer which I can use, so I'll need any conversion software too.

Your opinions and recommendations will be appreciated,


I use SketchUp...the free version.  But there is a learning curve to it.
Once you get the different quirks sorted out it works very good.
There is plenty of help from forum members and on You Tube.
Dave Mason
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Yes, go with SketchUp. It works well, it's easy to learn (took me about three days to learn most things), and many guys here can help you. Ed Traxler is an expert, for example. -- Russ


Sketchup is indeed a great way to start Carlo. I have been using it for a few years and it fulfilled all my needs. There are also a lot of plugins to go around and complete it. It's easy to use and very powerful, I'm using it for prototyping, planing and even to make schematics for the kits I sell. Just drop a line if you need help.


Here are some tires I made in Sketchup. They were created by creating a two cross sections and then spinning each into a wedge. With a thick and thin wedge section grouped I could then spin them (follow me tool) to create the side lugging you see. This could as easily add tread patterns to the wedges as complicated as you wished.
Ed Traxler

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Gordon Ferguson


That post has just convinced me ....... I really need to learn this  ;)


Those look great Ed!
However I have no idea what you said - LOL


But I think you've basically performed that "follow me" operation in previous drawings, Marty. By the way, where have you been? -- Russ