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What I spent My Allowance On (New Stuff For The Bench)

Started by marc_reusser, February 26, 2010, 02:28:58 PM

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I never got around to painting it, it's another failed project languishing in a deep dark box.

regards  greenie


Nice engine. You definitely should resurrect it......but then who am I to throw stones. :)
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In a rather surprising move, due to some company restructuring and a merger, I received a substantial bonus on top of my normal sales-goals-based annual bonus. As in, around 22% of my annual salary. (In fact, so surprising, I was a more than a little thrown by it, and suspect my boss may have felt I was a bit under appreciative when in fact I was more in shock.)

I'm going to sit on it until my taxes are done, so I know exactly how much of it I get to keep. At which point, I'm getting me a 3D printer. Most likely the newer HD version of the B9 Creator. Even with my windfall, it's a lot of cash (about $4000) to spend at once on something for modelling, but I suspect I can make a good chunk of that back by printing for hire.

Bexley Andrajack


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Bexley Andrajack

Lawton Maner

I stumbled onto a used machinery dealer in Richmond, Va last month (or as many on this forum would say a second hand toy store) and came home last weekend with a 4 horsepower woodworking shaper.  May not be doing much modeling this summer as I will be working in 1:1  scale to finish a couple of projects around the house and make a piece of cherry furniture.


Wish I had someplace like that near me..........um, may be not?...... ;)

Lawton Maner


Come on over.  We can run up  to Richmond and you can help me move a Myford Lathe into my basement.  Then I'll really be set.

Lawton Maner

Santa dropped off one of the Chinese Mini Lathes which many have called "an assembled kit".  I'll try it as is and then see if it needs anything other then a tune up.