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Some Reference Photos of Decay

Started by marc_reusser, July 29, 2010, 11:27:19 PM

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shropshire lad

However , I have a feeling that the frame was purpose built for the compressor . But I could easily be wrong ,


Gordon Ferguson

Thanks Nick, sorry I missed the opportunity of having to beg you to post photos.

Appreciated that you are often wrong but in this case think you are right (you had a 50/50 chance ;D) frame does look too narrow to ex skip probably just using the technology & knowledge they already had.

Anyway thanks for posting additional photos, looks like a nice weekend project ;) and useful for filling in a corner

shropshire lad

Actually , Gordon , there is a photo in one of the early Narrow Gauge & Industrial Review of a small compressor trailer mounted onto a Rugga skip by the simple task of welding a channel to either side of the skip frame .This is a little project I have had in my mind for some time but until now I have lacked photos of a suitable compressor . I guess I don't have any real excuse for not starting now . But don't worry , I'll find one !
   For me this would be rather more than a weekend's work .