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1/35 Armored Train Model

Started by marc_reusser, November 19, 2009, 01:07:14 PM

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Who says armor guys don't build trains :).

This was built by a Polish modeler named Kamil, on the MIG Forum. I thought overall it was beautifully done.

It is a model of the German "Panzertreibwagen 16" which was powered by a diesel locomotive located in the central part.

BTW.....this is not from a kit.

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Chuck Doan

That IS nicely done! Wierd prototype, looks like it would run hot.
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  Here a link http://mymodelplace.wbs.cz/Home.html

 The water crane in the armor rail section is completely scratchbuilt. First styrene parts/ silicon molds final parts in resin. He even included the name of the company who made the cast iron parts.

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Ken Hamilton

Wow.  That's some beautiful "metal" work.  Subtle, not overdone and right to the point.
Ken Hamilton

Ray Dunakin

Great work. The metal surfaces look superb. I especially like the heat/rust/oil (?) stains along the edges of the perforated panels on the roof.
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I agree with you all... that is outstanding finish on the metal work. The corrosion as it shows in the bottom detail photo is incredibly effective.



This appears to be the same model in the beginning stages . What craftsmanship !

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