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Dinkey Creek Mining R.I.P.

Started by finescalerr, May 20, 2022, 12:06:47 AM

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Russ don't jump - just sit and dream ! - my models never seem to get finished normally enthusiastic thoughts or lack of interest kills them or I forgot to say I modify a kit and totally trash it
Now and again one sort of gets finished and gets sold at low price or in the bin due to me getting fed up with it - so now its strictly small projects . and of course my "scale hopping" syndrome does not help
So Russ Think ahead - and thanks for keeping this Forum together Its still the best
Thanks for the photos - just keep them coming
Never Let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything
Stuart McPherson


Les, I captioned the last photo "adios" because the train was leaving the tipple and terminal, not because I am planning to leave either the planet or the hobby.

On the other hand, I now will think twice about building any diorama larger than about one square foot because the more models and detail in a scene, the more work you lose to a catastrophe. In the case of the Dinkey Creek terminal, had each scene been completely separate from the others, I'd have lost the entire tipple (the layout's obvious focal point) but not all rolling stock and other structures.

On the other (undamaged) side of the workshop/model-room, the "little house on the prairie" structure I built at the end of last year and the horse drawn wagon I built early this year were supposed to be part of a single diorama. Should Mr. Greyford pay us another cataclysmic visit, by separating the two I'd lose only one model rather than both.

Something else all of us might think about is how likely we might be to build a copy of the same model. Once I finish something, I may take great pleasure in looking at it but little pleasure in recreating it. I prefer to move forward to something different. Were I a cabinet maker or stonemason, that first "something" probably should be some kind of catastrophe-proof storage!


Ray Dunakin

Such a beautiful model, and great photography. At least you still have the pics.
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