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1920 Oldsmobile 1 ton truck (1/16th scale)

Started by lab-dad, February 20, 2016, 02:50:12 PM

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Allan G

Awesome. Also love the "springs" .....Allan

michael mott

Talented work with the toothpick Marty, the rest looks pretty good too.



Moving at a breakneck speed (insert snail here).
I am making some progress.

Still lots to do. Wheels are barely set together just for a picture.
Hoping this will get me going.
I "had" been enjoying the pleasant weather happily making sawdust and shavings in the woodshop.
Summer sure has artived this week so more inside bench time will be happening.

Morr soon (hopefully!)


Looks good Mr. Jones.  But were does one sit?

Or is this a work in progress??

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
George Carlin

Ray Dunakin

I'm assuming that the tires, being 3D printed, are not flexible, correct? So how do you get the tires onto the rims?

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Ray Dunakin's World



Thanks guys!
Russ, look on the bottom of page one. Basically an exacto and a round toothpick.


Oops, sorry. It's been so long since that post I had forgotten. -- Russ


First try on a front fender:

Second try. Added some padding to the buck (wood form) .005 brass annealed before bending.

Im hoping some solder on the lip will behave like lead body filler.


Bill Gill


That is tricky metalwork. I am impressed. Be sure to post a photo of the completed fender before you prime it. -- Russ


Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
George Carlin


Thanks guys for the praise.

I'm working on the firewall and the front of the cab.

Lots of wood in old cars and trucks. The firewall and transmission tunnel are brass obviously.

I am having trouble "imagineering" the inner fenders. No good pictures in the net. Hopefully having the cab will help.



Marty, I find using old manila file folder stock good for working out my metal designs.  It glues nicely with Elmer's.
Bill Hudson
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get up ten.


Marty, nice job on the work so far. I really like the work on the front end. What 1/16th scale kit are you using for the engine parts? I'm looking for an engine for my Packard work truck.

Gordon Birrell