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Davis mine motor

Started by 5thwheel, December 06, 2020, 06:24:26 AM

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The Davis Motor Mine Cart - Found in an abandoned Gold Mine in Northern California in the late 1970s, the Davis Motor Mine Cart is a home built creation using most of a 1926 Harley Davidson 21c.i. B-Model motorcycle. The machine also features a Ford Model-A transmission, and electric start!

Thinking some one might be interested.

Bill Hudson
Bill Hudson
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get up ten.


Okay, Chuck, fire up SolidWorks and draw your next project. -- Russ


Really pretty stuft. I've seen it on the internet before and put it in my to-do-drawer.


Ray Dunakin

Very, very cool! I'm always impressed by the ingenuity of miners.
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Les Tindall

That would make a great modelling project, there's one for you Barney.


Got HARLEY Bike kit and its on my Bucket List
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Stuart McPherson

Lawton Maner

The chain drive in the back will give the health and safety people strokes. 


Holy Sh*t!!!!

That would even take Chuck 5 years to build!
But mind you if anyone could build it...

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