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An old utility truck

Started by miwi, December 23, 2013, 05:27:55 AM

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This is a new attempt to build a weathered truck model.  It is a Utility truck that was used by a Highway Maintenance Dept. of an unknown city some  where in the states. The model will be placed on a small bases as a forgotten truck.

I combined the Dogde D100 Crew Cab with the Utility Box from the '64 Dodge Utility from Modelhaus.  First of all I had cut the one piece Crew cab body into 2 pieces (Cab and P/U box). Also both chassis were cut in half and the rear ends were changed vis versa.

Base coat with different shades of red and brown from Tamiya.

I continued with different shades of rust from AK Interactive followed by hairspray instead of Chipping Fluids.  I also sprinkled some salt into the hairspray. The scratches were done with an old tooth brush and an old hand brush. I think I used a bit to much pigments n the grill.

Next step is to add some filters and washes.

Any comments welcome


I like the subject!
Dont recall a utility truck being done (my memory sucks).
I think the chipping is too random.
Think about where the workers would have been in and out a thousand times.
Look at some truck pictures for ideas of wear locations.
Hoping the yellow will be faded a bunch by the filters too.
I would think the old yellow would be almost a canary at this point.

Looking forward to more!