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Michael Paul Smith

Started by NE Brownstone, October 04, 2013, 10:50:34 AM

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NE Brownstone

The other, other Russ

mad gerald

G'day Russ,

Quote from: NE Brownstone on October 04, 2013, 10:50:34 AM
Anyone know this guy?  Nice photography, nice models.


... IMHO his modelling has been mentioned before, at least here ...
Quote from: HARKON on May 02, 2010, 10:25:00 PM
I recommend the following website for some very "cool" perspective photography.

I only recently stumbled upon the work of Michael Paul Smith.

I believe the cars are stock standard Franklin Mint Limited Editions (1:24 scale) however the buildings are scratchbuilt and the photography is some of the best I have seen.
Unfortunately, he does not indicate to us the precise techniques deployed in his photography, suffice to say most is shot outdoors in daylight conditions, with suitable backdrop borrowed from mother-nature.
... but thanks for the nice reminder ...  :)


Chuck Doan

I have communicated with him through our Flicker accounts. He is a very nice guy and very talented. His photos are amazing since they use real size backgrounds.
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I always enjoy looking at all his Photo's and models ;D

Ray Dunakin

Beautiful photos! I've seen some of his work before but lots of new stuff to see now. He does such a wonderful job of blending foreground models with real world backgrounds.

I'm also starting to realize how much better the expensive diecast cars are compared to the cheapies I'm used to seeing.

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Ray Dunakin's World

NE Brownstone

I thought I had seen his work before, but wasn't sure if it was on this forum.   The article came up on Yehaa and I just copied the address since seeing his work with perspective and depth of field is top notch and figured it was still good stuff for those who haven't gone through all of the previous posts.  Bump.
The other, other Russ


I like his work. If his backdrops had a bit of debris in them, it would be hard to say it wasn't real.


I saw one of his houses at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC as part of a diorama exhibition. He was one of many talented diorama artists in the show. The photos seem to be where his work comes to life, for me.
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