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Amazing Paint Work by Per Olav Lund (Armor Model)

Started by marc_reusser, May 28, 2008, 02:16:44 PM

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This is a current project by Per olav over on the MIG forum. IMO it is the best "burnt-out"/"destroyed tank" paint work I have seen to date.

The original photo he based the model on:

The unpainted model:

The painted model to date (it is not yet finshed and will eventually be part of a diorama):

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Marc I don't know that much about tanks.  But that is one beautiful detailing and paint job.
When that is on a diorama I doubt whether you will be able to tell it from the real one.

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Jerry, I totally agree set that outside in the right angle with a desert backdrop you would not be able to tell the difference.
Marc, I have seen some of the other things Per has done and this is just another in a long line of great projects, please pass along my compliments as I don't get over to Mig much any more, Pat


Hi Marc,

Thanks for sharing, and I have to agree; Amazing! I really like this one.

Awesome!! If only I could make that.... :P ::) ;)

Grtz,  8) Ronald 8)


As a professional fire investigator, I have to say that the rendition of metal colour and texture is simply amazing. Sheet metal when subjected to fire or hot temepratures does undergo significant property changes and just does not revert back to the bare metal state it was before painted. Similarly the metal will show dirrerent characteristics if it has been quickly cooled by firefighters applying a cold stream of water on it, or - as in this case - being allowed to burn out by running out of fuel and then naturally cooling. Per Olav, has achieved this effect exceedingly well, and not only demontrates excellent modelling techniques, but an excellent ability to observe the "real world".

John McGuyer

All the tiny little rusted and burned places. The attention to detail is amazing.